e-Health 2024 Speaker Resources

Thank you for your commitment to present at the upcoming e-Health 2024 Conference and Tradeshow in Vancouver. This page contains links to a number of resources to help make your e-Health experience as pleasant as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact speakers@e-healthconference.com.

Presenting Speaker Registration

Registration for the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow opened on January 8, 2024. All presenting speakers must register for the conference by February 29, 2024. Presenting speakers not registered and paid by February 29, 2024, may have their abstracts pulled from the program.



Please review the Program-at-a-glance for concurrent sessions, P3 Showcases, and Sponsor Symposia presentation dates and times. The program schedule with speaker and session details will be published by February 29, 2024.


Promote yourself

Tell everyone on social media that you will be presenting at #eHealth2024! Select and save any of the images below to help spread the word.

PowerPoint slide templates

All e-Health sessions are presented using the conference platform and/or in-person audio-visual supplier and tools chosen by the conference hosts. No other technology may be used during this conference. If you will be supporting your presentation with PowerPoint slides, you may use your own branded slides or download one of the e-Health-branded templates from the links below.

Types of presentations

  • Panel & Discussion Duration: 30 minutes (includes 5-10 minutes Q&A) |  up to 3 presenters
  • Oral Duration: 15 minutes with optional Q&A | 1 or 2 presenters
  • Rapid Fire Duration: 7 minutes (3 slides only x 2 minutes per slide) 1. The healthcare challenge | 2. The existing barriers | 3. The solutions   |  1 presenter, with multiple presentations per session  |  Moderated, with Q&A after the last presentation of the session (time permitting)
  • e-Poster Duration: 5 minutes (1 slide only plus quick Q&A – time permitting)  |  Defined electronic visual format with all data on one slide  |  1 presenter
  • Symposia Duration: 60 minutes  (inclusive of Q&A)  |  up to four presenters, including the moderator for panels
  • P3 Showcase Duration: 30 minutes (inclusive of Q&A)  |  up to four presenters, including the moderator for panels

Presentation guidelines

  • Your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint 2007 or any later PowerPoint Version (MS Windows) and converted to the PPTX Format. Other formats, i.e. PDF, Keynote, or Prezi, will not be supported.
  • PowerPoint template sizing is landscape widescreen (16:9) and designed for the best visibility on the available screens.
  • Use high-contrast lettering and not too much text per page (max. 10 lines or 15-20 words). Make sure you use high-contrast colours for the best definition of your text. Please be aware that red letters or lines are usually not visible.
  • Custom fonts that are not part of the standard PowerPoint package should not be used; they will cause problems during file upload.
  • Slides may include graphics, videos and/or slideshow animation. If the presentation contains videos, they must be coded by standard Windows codes and embedded within the PPTX file. WMV or MP4 video file types are recommended for the best PowerPoint compatibility. If you embed a video file into the presentation, include the URL link to the video file in the slide notes and upload the MP4 file to the portal at the bottom of this page.
  • The presentation computers will be connected to an audio system.  Please try to ensure that all your audio files play at a similar volume level.
  • Slides that will be shown more than once during the presentation should be duplicated and inserted in the appropriate spots of the presentation to have the slides in the correct sequence.
  • To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (i.e. “, Ö, Ø, ñ, ?, ®, ý, }, {etc.) to name the presentation or movie files.

Your headshot photo and bio

Please be prepared to upload your professional headshot and a short bio to the conference app between March 1 and March 31. Speakers will be prompted to upload their details directly to the conference app when it is launched on March 1st. All speaker names, titles, and photos will be live on the website after March 31.

Onsite notes

Speaker Ready Room: If you need a space to review your presentation or make any last-minute updates, please visit the Speaker Ready room located on Park Level 4. Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm PDT on May 27 and 8:00 am – 1:30 pm PDT on May 28.

  • Any presentation changes can be accommodated in the Speaker Ready room up to 1 hour prior to your session start time.
  • A printer is available in the Speaker Ready Room if you require a printed copy of your script/notes.
  • All presentations take place in breakout rooms with a podium, microphone(s), slide advancer, PC laptop computer, and 70” LED Monitor to display the presentation.
  • A microphone on a stand will be available to all audience delegates to participate in the LIVE Q&A.
  • The e-Health provided Moderator will introduce the presenters and make housekeeping announcements at the beginning and end of the sessions. They will facilitate the audience’s LIVE Q&A period (time permitting) and keep the sessions on track with scheduled start and end times.

Upload your presentation content here

Please upload the completed slides before April 26. If changes are required after uploading the completed slides, revisions will only be accepted until April 26.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Accepted Format: .ppt / .pptx. Please do not upload PDFs
Email speakers@e-healthconference.com for files larger than 50 MB
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Format: .mpg / .mov / .wmv
Email speakers@e-healthconference.com for files larger than 50 MB

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