Monday, May 27 from 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

Bridging the Gap in Rural Health: Technology Integration and Innovation Strategies

Hosted by Angus Connect

This presentation explores the role of digital technologies in rural health systems, showing how digital strategies specifically designed for rural hospitals can facilitate better healthcare. We will illustrate, using a current Canadian healthcare case study, the importance of adapting digital solutions to enable integrated care models and collaborative partnerships to address diverse community challenges and strengthening digital infrastructure to tackle geographical and socioeconomic disparities. Additionally, the presentation investigates whether digital technology in rural healthcare is enabling, augmenting, or substituting to overcome limitations with the health human resource shortage and funding constraints.


  • Gina Johar, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Quinte Health
  • Chris Byczko, Digital Strategy Lead, Angus Connect

Navigating the Future: Innovations in Smart Hospitals for Enhanced Healthcare

Hosted by CDW

Join this interactive panel discussion to learn how innovation within smart hospitals of the future can address the quintuple aim of healthcare. This session will cover topics such as virtual care, remote monitoring, AI, robotics, internet of things, interoperability, and digitization of information and how innovations in these areas will improve outcomes and the quality of care. Examples may include remote patient monitoring technologies, using AI to predict patient falls or other risk. Dr. Tom Janzen joins us from London Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario to offer the voice of the customer throughout this thought-provoking discussion. This session is best suited for information and technology professionals, leaders and decision makers, digital and virtual health professionals, government, and health policymakers.


  • KJ Burke, Field CTO – Hybrid, CDW Canada
  • Jen Schrock, Director, PPM Operations & Strategic Initiatives, CDW Canada
  • David Schned, Healthcare Strategist, CDW Canada
  • Tom Janzen, M.D., MCFPC, Parkwood Institute Mental Health, London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO),Primary Care with Focus in Mental Health

Innovation adoption in clinical environments: Clinical and IT perspective

Hosted by Philips

Healthcare organizations in Canada continue to face significant challenges with staff shortages/turnover, medical device integration (MDI), wait times for diagnosis and care. There are many potential solutions that can address these areas, primarily targeted at improving clinical efficiencies and reducing the burden on IT staff. This could be done through either moving IT infrastructure offsite (i.e. to the cloud), improving clinical efficiencies through adoption of predictive AI tools, and reducing nursing staff burnout by automating charting of vitals from medical devices.

In this session we host a fireside chat with physicians & IT executives who have adopted innovations in these areas. They will discuss their challenges and the Clinical & IT benefits they have realized through adopting these technology solutions.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about challenges with innovation adoption in clinical environments from leading clinicians, administrators, and IT executives
  • Learn about strategies to overcome these challenges to successfully adopt innovations in clinical practice
  • Learn about the future of innovations from the standpoint of the panel’s experts, with a focus on device integration, cloud enabling technologies, and AI.


  • Nathan Bluvol, Head of Enterprise Informatics, Philips Canada
  • Ted Scott, Vice President Innovation and Partnerships, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Kathryn Brown, Cardiologist, Regional Director of Cardiac Diagnostics & Medical Director of Cardiology, Interior Health Authority, Interior Cardiac Services
  • Dr. Rowland Illing, Director & Chief Medical Officer, Global Healthcare & Nonprofits, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Informed Decisions Start Here: Precision Healthcare AI Search

Hosted by Google Cloud

Tired of struggling to find the right patient information in a sea of data? Imagine finding critical patient information in seconds. This session explores Vertex AI Search for Healthcare, a cutting-edge tool that pinpoints the exact data needed within complex medical records. Get ready to streamline your workflow and make faster, better-informed decisions.


  • Mohamed Nofal, Customer Engineer, Government, Google
  • Alex Mendelev, Solutions Architect, Global Public Sector, Google

Reducing clinician burnout with speech AI

Hosted by Nuance, a Microsoft Company

Administrative tasks and documentation burdens are top contributors to burnout. Physicians today report spending twice as much time documenting care as they do providing care. The regulatory requirements for data and documentation are squeezing the joy out of practicing medicine. During this session learn how the combination of ambient, generative, and conversational AI help to streamline clinical workflows for improved efficiency so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. In addition, two case studies will be featured of organizations that are currently using AI-powered solutions in Frederick Health and Novant Health.


  • Duncan Salt, Vice President, Client Outcomes Executives & Canada Sales Operations, Nuance, a Microsoft Company
  • Rizwan Pasha, Chief Medical Information Officer, Nuance, a Microsoft Company

Health’s Digital Sky: Harnessing the Power of the Cloud for Citizen-Centered Excellence in Canadian Healthcare

Hosted by Salesforce

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, digital technologies are propelling us toward a future of citizen-centered excellence, none more so than cloud-enabled technology. This session will explore digital enablers that are shaping the landscape of Canadian healthcare, with a focus on the power of solutions on the cloud to enhance citizen, patient, and provider experiences and foster sustainability. Join Canadian digital health leaders from coast to coast for a dynamic discussion that explores current initiatives, future trends, and digital challenges driving the evolution of healthcare in Canada.

  • Karen Hay, Digital Transformation Lead for Health Industry, Go-To-Market Strategist | Salesforce Public Sector
  • Victoria Kester, Process Improvement Manager, Entrust Disability Services
  • Michael Tatto, Chief Digital Innovation Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority



Tuesday, May 28 from 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM PDT

Healthcare staff scheduling isn’t just important – it’s vital to patient care.

Hosted by LGI Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare staffing shortages have long plagued the Canadian healthcare system, but COVID-19 made an undeniable impact that is still stretching resources like never before. How well healthcare organizations address scheduling challenges may not increase staff numbers, but it can greatly influence how they perform despite being understaffed. This is part of the reason a growing number of Canadian hospitals and long-term care facilities are abandoning spreadsheets and generic scheduling solutions to manage the shifts of their staff.

This panel discusses how a web-based, healthcare-specific, staff scheduling solution can help address collective agreement compliance, last-minute schedule changes, and critical workflow management.


  • Lucky Bhatti, Sales Director, LGI Healthcare Solutions
  • Anne Baldwin, Director Change Management & Adoption, Canada Health Infoway

Building Bridges: A Collaborative Approach to Digital Health from Ocean to Ocean

Hosted by OceanMD

Join us as we share lessons learned from our successful journey in digital health and offer proven solutions for driving rapid change. With firsthand experience in developing and implementing effective digital health solutions, we’ll show you how adopting FHIR standards, leveraging proven technology, and prioritizing clinicians’ needs can unlock the full potential of digital health at scale. Discover how our approach has already achieved remarkable results, including over 90% clinician adoption for eReferrals in just one year in one provincial program. Learn how the newly-launched Ocean Horizons Program is building on this success by bringing together leaders across the country to drive innovation and best practices in digital health.


  • Jeff Kavanagh, CEO, OceanMD
  • Lori-Anne Payson, Director, Government Program Services, OceanMD

Thriving in the digital health marketplace

Hosted by EY Canada

EY is pleased to present a dialogue on the current and emerging challenges with implementing digital solutions in health care. We are living in an era where digital solutions are in high demand and transformation is happening in many organizations at different paces and from different perspectives. There are so many possible approaches to advancing digital solutions in health care. Heidi Giesbrecht, Rachit Khare and Julian Gollner have all been involved in digital solutions development across the country. Models are emerging that can help reduce the chaos and uncertainty in digital solution implementation.
Join us as we explore frameworks and approaches can catalyze stalled health systems into digital transformation. We’ll digital tools as catalysts for discovery and growth.
Be part of the conversation that paves the path for the future of our healthcare systems. Save the date to ensure you don’t miss out on this enlightening panel discussion at e-Health.


  • Heidi Giesbrecht, Executive Director of Health IT Strategy, PHSA and B.C Ministry of Health
  • Julian Gollner, Partner, EY Canada
  • Rachit Khare, Senior Manager EY Design Studio

Elevating Enterprise Imaging Through Cloud Transformation

Hosted by Sectra

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of healthcare with Nader Soltani, President of Sectra Canada Inc., as he illuminates the impact of cloud transformation within enterprise imaging. This session explores how cloud technology is reshaping the healthcare landscape, empowering professionals with unprecedented accessibility, scalability, and efficiency. Through compelling real-world examples and incisive analysis, discover how Sectra’s cloud service revolutionizes workflows, enhances patient care, and fosters innovation within North America’s healthcare sector. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights and steer the course towards a brighter, more agile future in healthcare delivery.


  • Nader Soltani, President, Sectra

Data + AI = Health System Reinvention

Hosted by PwC

At PwC, our commitment to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into healthcare aims to transform patient outcomes significantly. This presentation will explore practical applications and case studies demonstrating the efficacy of AI in improving healthcare delivery. Key highlights include our successes in managing patient volumes in hospitals through AI-driven forecasting, and a review of how US hospitals are enhancing patient care through remote patient monitoring systems, exemplified by UMass Memorial Health’s notable reduction in hospital readmissions. We’ll also delve into the predictive capabilities of AI in emergency department volume forecasting at the William Osler Health System, showcasing how AI not only optimizes healthcare operations but also supports critical decision-making. Through these discussions, we will illustrate the strategic value of AI in driving superior healthcare outcomes, emphasizing the importance of robust data governance and continuous learning in the field.


  • Danielle Gifford, Director, PwC
  • Dean Lancaster, Director, PwC
  • Fendi Huynh, Associate, Consulting, PwC Canada

Digital transformation across the care continuum

Hosted by Oracle Health

As of 2024, the Clinical and Systems Transformation (CST) project, in British Columbia, is considered one of the largest Oracle Health programs in North America in terms of scope (i.e. functionality). Through a unique collaboration between three health organizations, including operations leaders, informatics, vendors, and various system and technical partners, this clinical information system has been implemented at more than 46 health care sites. This includes over 42,000 users across a vast care continuum such as rural, urban, tertiary pediatrics, dialysis, oncology, transplant, and tertiary mental health. BC health care teams and their patients are now experiencing the benefits of real-time, digital connectivity.

Learning objectives:
• Rolling out one standard electronic health record across the continuum of care
• Enabling early benefits for medication safety, continuity of care, clinician usability and patient experience
• Planning for continuous improvement, including integration with innovative technologies


  • Eric Grafstein, Chief Medical Information Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health – Providence Health Care
  • Shaina Reid, Executive Director, Program Management, Regional Digital Solutions, Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care
  • Rosa Hart, Executive Director, Clinical Informatics & Virtual Health, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Colette Snowden, Executive Director, Enterprise Clinical Information Solutions, Regional Digital Solutions, Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care

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