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Introducing e-Health 2024 Ambassador Zen Tharani

We are excited to introduce Zen Tharani as an official e-Health 2024 Ambassador.

Zen Tharani, based in British Columbia, is a leader in the digital health landscape, with over 25 years of extensive experience in management consulting, healthcare innovation, and informatics. As the CEO and Founder of Xenex Consulting Inc. (www.xenexconsulting.com), based in Victoria, Zen has been at the forefront of advancing digital health across Canada and internationally through strategic consultancy, leveraging his deep expertise in Health Information Science and Health Informatics.

His academic endeavours, marked by his roles as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria and an Executive Fellow at Woxsen University in India, have solidified Zen’s reputation as a leading authority in healthcare education and digital transformation. His strategic insights and dedication have also been pivotal in his roles as a previous board member of Digital Health Canada and previous Executive Director of Digital Health Strategic Initiatives for the British Columbia Ministry of Health, significantly influencing the digital health framework within BC and Canada.

Zen’s certification as an Executive Coach from IVEY Business School further exemplifies his commitment to leadership excellence, mentoring the next cadre of healthcare leaders and professionals. His accolade as a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award recipient underscores his impactful contributions to enriching Canada’s multicultural landscape and the healthcare sector at large.

Zen’s deep-rooted commitment to societal advancement is evident through his extensive volunteer work and mentorship programs, aimed at empowering professionals across Canada. His active participation in initiatives that resonate with the UNDP’s mission to eradicate poverty reflects his broader vision for a sustainable and inclusive global community.

As a visionary and an influencer in digital health, Zen Tharani continues to drive forward-thinking solutions and collaborative efforts to address the pressing challenges in global healthcare, making him an invaluable contributor as an Ambassador for the eHealth Conference.

“The e-Health Conference is a Canadian platform that not only allows us to explore the cutting-edge technology but also brings together minds passionate about shaping a future where healthcare is more equitable, accessible, efficient, and personalized. I look forward to engaging with fellow professionals, sharing insights, and contributing to meaningful discussions that pave the way for a sustainable future of our healthcare system.” – Zen Tharani

Look for Zen at e-Health 2024 in Vancouver.

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