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Abstract submission guidelines for e-Health 2024

Join us at 12PM ET on Wednesday, September 6 for an overview of the e-Health 2024 abstract submission process, with useful tips to help you submit an abstract that will be selected for presentation at e-Health 2024, taking place in Vancouver May 26 – 28.

This webinar will cover what to write in your abstract submission and how/where to submit your abstract online, plus:

  • eight main topics of interest at the conference
  • seven must-haves to include in your abstract submission
  • four presentation types

e-Health 2024 Call for Abstracts opens September 11, 2023. Presented by Treasure D. Ledgister, Director, e-Health Conference and Tradeshow.


Complimentary registration is open to all. Registrants will receive a reminder email with a Zoom link the day before the webinar.

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