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Notes from an e-Health veteran

Head full of flowers

For some, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But for me, it is e-Health season: a time to connect and meet new people in the e-Health field.

This will be my fourth e-Health and I am excited for all the hot topics on the agenda this year. e-Health with Mental Health is one of these hot topics for 2020. I am curious to see the programs, the apps, and strategies that are out there.

Every year, there is a new perspective to consider and moments to remember. My personal recommendation is to try to soak up as much as you can from attending presentations or being on the exhibition floor — there is always a place to absorb new knowledge.

One of my favourite e-Health moments is connecting with others to hear their stories, their lived experience of being a patient, or working with patients. These moments continue to drive my passion to work in healthcare.

e-Health’s innovative open floor plan gives me ample opportunities to network and connect with new colleagues from across many different organizations. I promise these connections will last a lifetime.

I hope we get to meet at e-Health. Drop me a message on Twitter @nsalemohamed and enjoy attending!

Naima Salemohamed is a health business consultant at TELUS Health