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e-Health 2017 is pleased to welcome the following start-ups to e-Health!

Aurora is a research initiative that debuts a novel design tool for health care workers, that highlights significant advantages to patient care planning and implementation compared to traditional D&OE (documentation and order entry). We are seeking to expand research partnerships with influential Academic Health Science Centers and Industry.

Kiosk # 400

Homecare Intelligence (HCI) provides the most comprehensive logistics based scheduling and routing solution in the industry. Our patient-centred heurisitics-based solution simplifies the scheduling of home care visits into a single automated function resulting in: significantly reduced travel costs, improved continuity of care, operational performance and increased system capacity. HCI also offers a suite of business intelligence, analytics and territory generation solutions. (

Kiosk # 405 helps patients navigate the healthcare system, while also supporting healthcare providers. Our website and mobile apps help patients find healthcare services when & where they need it, while also showing wait-times for same-day visits. Patients can book appointment online, and our platform integrates with EMRs, PMSs & clinic/pharmacy workflows. It also facilitating geospatial decision-support analytics for healthcare system planning. (

Kiosk # 410

MedChart is a secure, cloud-based Patient Portal that lets Canadians access their official medical records online.  Using our automated online process, individuals can obtain medical records from all of their healthcare providers.  MedChart also supports parents & guardians, powers of attorney, executors of estate and other authorized third parties. (

Kiosk # 415


 PopRx offers on-demand pharmacy software that connects you to local independent pharmacy, so that you can manage, order and discuss your medication programs with a pharmacist in real-time. With just your mobile phone, it’s never been easier to have a better pharmacy experience.(

Kiosk # 404


 Process Fusion Inc is a Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation provider based in Mississauga. From the last 2 years we have launched our Healthcare vertical and help healthcare organizations solve unique clinical document management challenges. PFI helps delivery information to your users where and when you need it. (

Kiosk # 402

Self Care Catalysts is a cloud based patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company. Our product and service portfolio is designed to provide patient-centric solutions and intelligence to support business decisions across the product lifecycle. Through patient engagement and relationships; the collection of real world evidence reflects day-to-day disease management transforming data into insights that impact care delivery and drive health care innovation. (

Kiosk # 407