Interview with Robert Thirsk, Space Medicine Panelist:As a Chief Ambassador for the conference, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the presenters, astronaut and physician, Dr. Robert Thirsk to get his thoughts on space medicine, space-to-health knowledge translation and healthcare innovation. Dr. Thirsk is currently the chancellor at the University of Calgary. He has flown twice to space, including on a 6-month mission to the International Space Station in 2009.”

Innovation in eHealth and the Need to Acknowledge Complexity: “While we often design systems and tools assuming people are deterministic automatons, they are not – they respond variably to external stimuli and not entirely predictable. This is what makes many systems in healthcare “complex”, as compared to “complicated”.  Complicated systems are reducible into component parts that interact in predictable ways, like building a bridge, whereas complex systems are made of highly entangled components that interact perpetually and are very challenging to accurately predict, like stock markets, the weather, or consumer behavior. “

I’m Getting Excited for e-Health!: “As the lead for Virtual Care at the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions (WIHV) and the Medical Director for IT Implementation and Innovation at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of healthcare technology – especially from the points-of-view of patients.”

Top Five Reasons to Attend e-Health 2018: “Now in its 18th year, the e-Health Conference continues to provide a unique opportunity for attendees to collaborate under one roof with professionals from technical, policy and business backgrounds. Whether you go for the keynote presenters and expert panelists or the receptions and social events, there is no shortage of ways to stay connected with Canada’s digital health leaders.”

#eHealth2018: Beyond the Keynotes: “While the keynote speakers at the meeting provide the ‘wow factor’ for those in attendance it is the smaller focused concurrent sessions where one can get a truer sense of what is really going on in research and at the front-lines of care.”


Digital Health, for Everyone “Digital health – a binary picture composed of zeros and ones. It’s able to describe everything in a person’s DNA genome map while defining clinical terminology codes for every symptom in a patient’s electronic chart – simply amazing, yet incomplete.”


Lets Wave the Flag at e-Health “Canada’s national HI conference is upon us yet again June 4-7, this year in Toronto. Despite the comradery, fun, and catching-up with old friends and colleagues, e-Health was not setup as a boondoggle for executives.  Over forty years ago, the conference was born from the need of the founders of COACH to figure out how and when to hold its Annual General meeting, to fulfill its requirements under its by-laws.”

Patient Engagement With Muscle “Engaged patients are demanding their place at the health care decision-making table and have little patience for policy makers or conference organizers who want to keep discussions of patient engagement at theoretical level.”


How to Maximize Your Social Media Experience at #eHealth2017 “Last year at e-Health 2016 in Vancouver, Colin was the top Tweeter at the conference. We asked him to share what he is hoping to see at e-Health 2017, why he is so active on social media and what tips he has for those that want to start building their online reputations.”


Moving Towards an eHealth Ecosystem Earlier this year, major EMR vendor EPIC opened its first App Orchard, where third-party developers can build healthcare apps that can connect directly with the enterprise system using HL7 FHIR. A year before that, Cerner launched code, allowing developers to build on top of their open platform.”


Empowering the Health Care Consumer “Studies confirm what many health leaders have long suspected; that engaged patients have better health outcomes. So it probably comes as no surprise that the use of consumer digital solutions across the country has doubled in the past two years. And that begs a rhetorical question: Where would Canada’s digital health community be without the voice of the consumer?”

PEOPLE-Centred (DIGITAL) Health “Who are we in the health system? Are we patients? Consumers? Citizens, clients, Canadians? No matter what you call us – we are people. Unique individuals with unique interests and health care needs; and it is important that we are at the table when decisions about our care are being made. “

#eHealth2017: It’s All About the People “Some of you may be thinking, “I have been to the e-Health Conference before, why should I go again?” By the end of this blog, I promise that you will be convinced to attend. If you are not, you can message me and I will work harder to convince you!”

Predicting an Exciting Year for Our Health Informatics Community “Let me start by stating that predictions are not my thing. I did not accurately predict many Oscar winners this year and I usually finish close to the bottom in any office hockey/baseball pool in which I participate. I do feel confident, however, in predicting an exciting year for our health informatics community. Why, given my track record, am I feeling so bold?”

Inspiring Bold Action in Canada’s Digital Health Community “I’ve been participating in e-Health for several years, and my own experience has always been a rewarding one. Each year I am inspired by the insights I gain and the renewed connections I make. This year I’m certain will be no exception.”

Networking Without the Elevator Pitch “Creating a culture that supports networking through mentorship, can allow budding industry professionals to practice talking to industry experts without the pressure of a well-rehearsed elevator pitch. In this blog, I discuss how mentorship can help EPs reframe their approach to networking at e-Health 2017.”

QuickrCar Blog “My story is quite simple I would say. I spent the past 9 years building and scaling healthcare companies. My passion for healthcare was deep routed from being a child and aspiring to be a doctor. From there I put tireless hours into helping patients truly access healthcare. It was late 2015 when the light bulb for Quick’rCare truly shined.”

Innovation Alley: Vistacan “Attending the eHealth conference in Toronto last year gave our company experiences that we otherwise wouldn’t have had, and allowed us to continue trying to grow our business. The networking events provided us with great opportunities to connect with other health professionals, as well as gave us access to leading decision makers within Canada’s health care industries.”

Rena Yeung’s Blog “Our team had devoted the majority of our professional careers to different facets of Canadian healthcare and we could no longer ignore the elephant in the room. We’d all owned smartphones for nearly a decade and observed its heavy use in our respective professional environments. It was obvious that smartphone use in the workplace was only going to get bigger.”

The Case for Optimism – Reimagining Health care delivery in Canada “What makes e-Health unique is the wide breadth of expertise it is able to draw on, from industry, to policy makers, to clinicians, to patients, researchers, vendors and the HI community. Together, they are able to raise relevant and timely topics that generate new questions and innovative thinking. I have been an active participant in e-Health for several years, and each year I leave the conference with new insights and energy.”

Join #eHealth2016 Tweet Chat on Information Sharing and Innovation in Canadian Health Care “Whether you’re attending #eHealth2016 or not (and if you’re not, you should be), one thing is true – health care is evolving at a breakneck speed, thanks in part to digital health. As I said in my rant video, “If you think you know everything, well you don’t. What you think you knew yesterday has changed today.”

#Ehealth2016 – Inquiring Minds Want to Know “It’s a good time to start to contemplate some of the big questions facing the health IT community in Canada and wondering whether this mega-meeting hosted in Vancouver, courtesy of COACH, Infoway and CIHI will provide any answers to these questions.”

Hacking Health Design Challenge: The Road to Innovation “A wide range of ideas were pitched with a total of 16 teams emerging from the fray. What are some of the project ideas that will be showcased by the teams at e-Health? It’s definitely worth having a look at Sparkboard to see them all”

What If? Moving Our Health System from Today to Tomorrow “Shiran Isaacksz is Senior Director – Regional/Provincial Portfolio, Shared Information Management Services with the University Health Network and a Director with the COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association Board. By asking yourself, “What if?” how can we move from the health system we have today to the one we want tomorrow?

Get To Know Your Keynotes!  “We are all inherently curious.  In fact, curiousity is associated with all aspects of human development as it essentially drives our desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.  From infancy to adulthood, we are constantly asking why, how, what if.  We are curious about how things work, why things happen the way they do and, we are especially curious about each other. What makes people tick?”

From #HIMSS16 to #ehealth2016 – New Work, New Roles and a New Language “We need the Intelligence Augmenter, stat! “The diagnostic algorithm’s out of whack and the Transition Specialist wants to know how the interface outflow is correlating the patient’s Fitbit data into the Director of Decentralized Asset Management’s new discharge interface. And we can’t reach the Business Analyst for Patient Workflow.”

Reimagining Health Care Delivery in Canada at e-Health 2016  This is a time for risk taking, innovation and exploration. To do this effectively, we need to step outside our comfort zone. One way to approach this is to look to other industry examples. It’s no secret that innovation is happening faster outside the traditional healthcare system. And that’s where we need to look to find our inspiration.

Why I Volunteered at the e-Health Conference (and Why You Should Too)  By volunteering, I intended to engage with industry experts, learn about current trends in health information technology, and take the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience I gained throughout graduate school. One year later, I’m here to pay it forward, sharing the top three reasons for why you should register to volunteer at e-Health 2016.

My eHealth Prescription  Attending University away from home, people would often ask me, “what are you studying?” and I would respond “Health Informatics, of course”. Most of the time I would either get a blank stare or a follow up question “do you mean Health Sciences?” 6 years ago the dynamic has changed and we are in the age of eHealth and Health Informatics. Currently, healthcare and technology are intersecting and with the merge of these industries, we are going to be able to achieve great things.

Reimagining Healthcare – Connecting Care!  This year’s Sunday Symposium features renowned national and international experts presenting on the newest integration tools and their positive impact on clinical workflow and practice.  Join us and understand the latest experiences of leading digital health developers and users towards connecting care for optimal patient outcomes!

What is Hacking Health? If you’ve been to the e-Health 2014 or 2015 Conferences, you’re already familiar with our mission to transform healthcare by connecting healthcare professionals with designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to build realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems.

Alex1Being an Emerging Professional at the e-Health Conference: Discover Your e-Health World Being an emerging professional myself I’ve gone the past two years and this year I’m going back for thirds! Here’s why.

IBM: The Exhibitor Experience – One Step Closer to Smarter Healthcare At IBM, we believe a smarter healthcare system is a very attainable reality.

Heard it at e-Health What our delegates are saying about the sessions?