Tuesday Sponsor Symposia

Tuesday, May 30 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM ET


Hosted by Microsoft

The Future of Generative AI in Healthcare

Join Microsoft and Nuance Healthcare as we discuss the future of Generative AI and its use cases in improving healthcare in Canada. By attending this session, you will learn more about:

  • The Future of Medical Work with Azure OpenAI Services and ChatGPT
  • Case studies in Data & AI in Healthcare
  • Azure OpenAI Services & Microsoft Copilot use cases in clinical, operational and research settings
  • Applying Generative AI within a Responsible AI framework

We’ll conclude with a fireside chat between Harjinder Sandhu (VP Technology Strategy at Nuance Healthcare) and Lisa Carroll (Canadian Public Sector Lead at Microsoft) as we dive deeper into a responsible AI discussion and our partnership with Nuance to help address clinical burnout with AI.”

  • Speaker: Sean Murray; Lisa Carroll, Canadian Public Sector Lead, Microsoft; Laura Pio; Harjinder Sandhu, VP, Technology Strategy, Nuance Healthcare
  • Location: Pod 1

Hosted by Fortinet

Protecting healthcare with the Fortinet Security Fabric

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly digitized, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been greater. Patient data is a valuable commodity on the black market, and healthcare organizations are prime targets for cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive information and interrupt their operations. In this presentation, we will explore the top cybersecurity concerns facing the healthcare industry, including data breaches and theft, ransomware attacks, IoT vulnerabilities, insider threats, compliance and regulatory challenges. We will also discuss strategies for mitigating these risks, such as implementing strong access controls, training employees on cybersecurity best practices, keeping software and systems up-to-date and how the Fortinet security fabric achieves this. Finally, we will explore emerging technologies that have the potential to improve cybersecurity in healthcare, such as encryption, deep packet inspection and artificial intelligence. By understanding the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry and implementing effective cybersecurity measures, we can better protect patient data and ensure that the benefits of digitization are realized without compromising security.

  • Speakers: Foad Godarzy; Carlos Augusto
  • Location: Pod 3

Hosted by NTT DATA

Bringing AI to the frontline of healthcare

AI is having a big impact on healthcare with a significant focus on improved diagnostics, and administrative efficiency. With the latest generation of conversational and generative AI technology, is it time to bring AI to the frontline of healthcare? In this session, we explore the impact of using generative AI in healthcare. How can these solutions bring efficiency to our workflows, improve engagement, and provide better support and guidance to patients? What risks and ethical considerations does it introduce? And the ultimate question, will it make us better?

  • Speakers: John Frownfelter
  • Location: Pod 4

Hosted by Acenture

Using Digital Tools to Reduce Administrative Burden in Primary Care

Primary care capacity is a precious resource in Canada; up to 70% of healthcare interactions occur in a primary care setting. According to the College of Family Physicians of Canada:

“High-quality primary care is correlated with lower health system costs, healthier populations, and more equitable distribution of health. Individuals with consistent primary care providers are less likely to visit emergency departments, be hospitalized, and die while in hospital.” – College of Family Physicians of Canada. The Value of Continuity—Investment in Primary Care Saves Costs and Improves Lives. Mississauga, ON: College of Family Physicians of Canada. 2021

Primary care is facing a perfect storm of pressures including increasing numbers of practitioners leaving the profession, an aging patient population with more complex health challenges, and an increasing administrative burden. Technology has long been promised as a solution to these challenges but has largely failed to deliver on that promise.

Are we at a turning point where technology starts to deliver on its promise of reducing administrative burden, acting as a productivity multiplier, and freeing up physician time to interact with patients and deliver more effective care? Our panel will investigate the potential of new digital tools to return capacity back to primary care.

  • Speakers: Joanne Templeton; Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia; Jennifer Sheils; Dr. Payal Agarwal; Kim Moran
  • Location: Pod 5

Hosted by ServiceNow

Stronger Together: Strategic Partnerships Advancing British Columbia’s Digital Health Strategy

British Columbia’s pandemic response proved they could adapt to digital healthcare at speed. Building on these successes, the province is now embarking on a bold journey to create a digitally enabled health system trusted by all who use it. Join BC digital health leadership for a fireside chat with Salesforce and AWS on how strategic partnerships are a critical enabler of the refreshed provincial Digital Health Strategy.

  • Speakers: Karen Hay; Erin O’Halloran; Shannon Malovec; Michael Tatto
  • Location: Pod 6

Hosted by OntarioMD

Using AI to Transform Physician Practice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere and it’s reshaping healthcare systems worldwide. Find out how AI is having an impact on physician practices in Ontario. OntarioMD CEO Robert Fox, CMO Dr. Chandi Chandrasena, Chief of Strategy, Growth & Stakeholder Relations Christopher Sulway, and Executive Director, Products & Services Simon Ling will talk about the current array of AI tools already being used by some physicians such as AI medical scribes, AI models to predict diseases and conditions and provide decision support, chatbots, and more.  They will also cover some of what’s coming next that will transform physician practice.


  • Speakers: Robert Fox, CEO, OntarioMD; Dr. Chandi Chandrasena, CMO, OntarioMD; Christopher Sulway, Chief of Strategy, Growth & Stakeholder Relations, OntarioMD; Simon Ling, Executive Director, Products & Services, OntarioMD
  • Location: Pod 7


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