Monday, May 27 from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

Breaking Barriers: Advancing Integration of MEDITECH Expanse and AI in Digital Health

Hosted by MEDITECH

Explore the groundbreaking advances within MEDITECH’s Expanse platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Discover how these solutions are reducing physician burnout, enhancing patient care, user experience, and boosting organizational efficiency. Join us to uncover the transformative potential of breaking barriers in healthcare delivery through intelligent automation and data-driven insights.


  • Robert Molloy, Director, Canadian Market and Product Strategy, MEDITECH
  • Dr. Derek Garniss, Chief Medical Information Officer, Sault Area Hospital
  • Dr. Andrea Waddell, Medical Director – Clinical Informatics, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care
  • Dr. Amyeen Hassanali, Chief Medical Information Officer, Fraser Health Authority

Transition of Care. Getting patient’s the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

Hosted by LGI Healthcare Solutions

According to the National Library of Medicine, “The most vulnerable exchange point within the healthcare system is when a patient is required to transition from one healthcare service to the next, with the greatest potential of health disparities for older adults and chronically ill patients.”

Whether a patient is being moved from acute care to a long-term care facility, or from an ER setting to a community clinic, implementing comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, transitional care solutions is vital to supporting positive patient outcomes – and for controlling costs by managing readmission rates. This session brings together representatives from across the healthcare ecosystem to discuss the challenges of implementing transitional care protocols, and how to leverage technologies to drive efficiency, promote collaboration, and mitigate risk.


  • Victor Helfrick, Director, Client Success, LGI Healthcare Solutions
  • Robert Fox, Chief Executive Officer, OntarioMD
  • Peter Smith, President and CEO, Strata Health Solutions

Enabling ER and Primary Care Access for Canadians – An exciting partnership that is extending care across Newfoundland and Labrador

Hosted by Teladoc

Many Canadian communities face intermittent closures of their local hospitals and have dealt with staffing challenges for years. Join an encouraging dialogue to learn how Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services (NLHS) are keeping hospital sites open, extending and adding to their clinical capacity, and enabling ER access to patients across their region. Through an exciting partnership with Teladoc Health launched in 2023, NLHS is equipped with purpose-built ER devices and a platform, as well as a team of Canadian virtual ER physicians, and is deploying a hybrid clinical model to deliver patient care when and where it’s needed most.


  • Joby McKenzie, Managing Director, Canada, Teladoc Health
  • Cynthia Clarke, Director of eHealth Clinical Programs for Community & Virtual Care, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services
  • Moritz Bolle, VP of Operations & Service Excellence, Canada, Teladoc Health
  • Ashley Dinn, Provincial Program Manager of Virtual Care, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services

Accelerating Transformation: Catalyzing Innovation and Modernization in Healthcare Technology

Hosted by EY Canada

e-Health stands as the paramount platform for learning and networking among the trailblazers striving to revolutionize Canada’s digital health and healthcare delivery landscape. This year, EY is proud to host a compelling panel discussion, slated for May 26 to 28. Our esteemed panel will delve into strategies for navigating large-scale technology transformations, focusing on harnessing innovation, fostering integration and championing education.
Join us as we explore how fresh ideas and novel partnerships can catalyze stalled health systems into active modernization and transformative success. We’ll dissect the role of lean canvas models, cutting-edge technologies, and digital tools as catalysts for discovery and growth.
Be part of the conversation that paves the path for the future of our healthcare systems. Save the date to ensure you don’t miss out on this enlightening panel discussion at e-Health.


  • Margaret Palmeter, Senior Director, Innovation, Nova Scotia Health
  • Jonathan Sachs, Director, Government Affairs, PointClickCare
  • Nella Brodett, Head of Integrated markets, Company Support & Partnerships, CAN Health Network
  • Rachit Khare, Senior Manager EY Design Studio

Bridging Borders: Generative AI Innovations in Canadian and Global Healthcare

Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Explore the forefront of healthcare innovation with our panel of Canadian healthcare leaders as they showcase the transformative power of generative AI. From local initiatives to international collaborations, discover how AI is revolutionizing patient care, operational efficiency, and healthcare delivery on a global scale. Join us for an enlightening discussion on the future of healthcare innovation as AI defines the fourth industrial revolution.


  • Dr. Rowland Illing, Director & Chief Medical Officer, Global Healthcare & Nonprofits, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Benjamin Wan, Director, Architecture Services, Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Alim Sunderji, Executive Director, Digital Technology Services, Fraser Health Authority
  • Pragni Sanghvi, Senior Director Product Marketing, AlayaCare

Transforming the detection of Rheumatology conditions from months to minute: The role of AI enabled, portable technology in improving disease diagnosis

Hosted by Novartis

Some Rheumatology conditions are very challenging for patients, with multiple years to diagnosis and additional ones to optimal treatment.
New and innovative collaboration that leverage technology and digital solutions are needed to redefine the standard of care to enable earlier detection of disease and prevent irreversible damages.
Join us in this passionate discussion, to learn about the cross-sector collaboration between Clarius Mobile Health and Novartis that seeks to improve system capacity and patient conditions in Rheumatology. And hear about tangible impact end-users are living – from clinician practice to patient’s quality of life.


  • Rebecca Yohemas, Strategic Director, Rheumatology, Novartis
  • Mohammad Bardi, MD, FRCPC, USSONAR MSK Ultrasound Fellow, Rheumatologist at PEAK Medical
  • Ohad Arazi, CEO & President, Clarius Mobile Health

Interoperability in Motion: Personalizing the Patient Care Experience

Hosted by Calian

Administrative tasks and documentation burdens are top contributors to burnout. Physicians today report spending twice as much time documenting care as they do providing care. The regulatory requirements for data and documentation are squeezing the joy out of practicing medicine. During this session, learn how the combination of ambient, generative, and conversational AI help to streamline clinical workflows for improved efficiency so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.


  • Tazmin Leipsig, Director, Product Solutions, Digital Health, Calian
  • Alicia St. Hill, Executive Director, BORN
  • Rashaad Vahed, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Mental Health Association (Halton Region)
  • Stephanie Chicoine, Healthcare Lead for Western Canada, Microsoft

How Nova Scotia Health is using technology and teamwork to coordinate care: Launching the first province-wide Care Coordination Centre

Hosted by Accenture

Canada is in a health human and infrastructure capacity crisis. At the same time, improving patient access and flow is critical. Healthcare Command Centres can serve as the cornerstone of efficient and coordinated patient movement, leveraging data-driven decisions to improve bed management and to streamline patient discharges, transitions in care, and other operational processes.

Nova Scotia Health has implemented the first province-wide healthcare Command Centre in Canada: NSH’s Care Coordination Centre, or C3. C3 connects the province’s patient flow teams with standardized processes, collaborative governance, and a shared technology platform that help move patients through the health system more effectively. This panel session will cover NSH’s implementation experience, early benefits realization, and how healthcare Command Centres are part of the solution to Canada’s health capacity crisis.


  • Andrea Muenster, Senior Director, Care Coordination Centre, Nova Scotia Health
  • Karina Guy, Managing Director, Data & AI, Accenture
  • Natalie Webb, Senior Director, Clinical Solutions, Nova Scotia Health
  • Bailey Griffin, Senior Manager, Healthcare Strategy & Consulting, Accenture


Tuesday, May 28 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

Empowering Patients, Improving Outcomes: How the Digital Front Doors is Reshaping the Healthcare Experience

Hosted by Orion Health

During this session, panelists will share perspectives on real-world examples of implementing a digital front door and how this technology enables collaboration across care providers, improves health outcomes, empowers patients, and addresses access and health equity across populations.


  • Andrea Tait, Global Business Development Director & SVP Patient Empowerment and Equity, Orion Health
  • Michael Craig, Vice President, National Solutions, Orion Health
  • Matthew, Maennling, SVP Operations North America, Orion Health
  • Dr. Chris Hobson, Global Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health

Connected Care: Empowering Patients and Providers through Digital Connectivity

Hosted by Baxter Corporation (Canada)

• Highlight the transformative potential of digital connectivity in healthcare delivery
• Discuss the benefits of digital connectivity for patients, healthcare professionals, and organizations
• Address the potential challenges and obstacles in implementing digital connectivity solutions in healthcare


  • Glen Geiger, MD, BASc, MASc, MBA, FRCP(C), Chief Medical Information Officer, The Ottawa Hospital

Back to the Future of Identity Management

Hosted by NTT DATA

Identity Management remains a perennial challenge in healthcare. Join our panel as we take you back through the history of health identities in British Columbia and beyond, and then look forward into the future of Digital Identity in Healthcare. Don’t forget your Care Card… the Identity Management space is overdue for disruption. Is your organization prepared?


  • Piers Hollott, Health Solution Architect, NTT DATA
  • Navesh Kandiyil, Healthcare Consulting Executive, NTT DATA
  • Anthony Bulk, Director, Client Growth Office, NTT DATA
  • Michelle O’Keefe, Industry Consulting Director, Canada Health and Government, NTT DATA

Navigating the Cloud: A Practical Guide to Security Best Practices

Hosted by Google Cloud

Join industry leaders Mandiant/Google Cloud & UHN/SickKids for an essential session on cloud security in healthcare. Learn about:

  • Emerging threats in the cloud-first landscape.
  • Proven design principles for robust cloud security.
  • Actionable insights from Mandiant’s frontline threat intelligence.
  • Real-world lessons from healthcare organizations.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools you need to protect patient data and secure your cloud journey.


  • Nimira Dhalwani, CTO, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Greg Davison, Senior Manager, Mandiant Sales, Google
  • Kashif Parvaiz, Regional Chief Information Security Officer, University Health Network
  • David Wong, Director, Mandiant Consulting, Google

Embracing the Future of Healthcare: A Collaborative Approach for Patients, Clinicians, and Administrators

Hosted by Oracle Health

In this session, we delve into the dynamic future of healthcare, exploring revolutionary advancements poised to redefine patient care, clinical practice, and healthcare administration. Through the lens of three pivotal personas—patients, clinicians, and administrators—we illuminate the transformative power of technology and data analytics in reshaping the healthcare landscape.
We will share how technology facilitates seamless patient-provider interactions, empowering individuals to actively participate in decision-making processes and gain a deeper understanding of their health. The speakers will highlight groundbreaking examples where technology acts as a force multiplier for healthcare providers with the Clinical Digital Assistant that helps enhance physician work experiences and drive focused patient interactions through AI-powered clinical intelligence, voice-driven assistance, and simplified workflows. The panel will discuss how they are using Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to plan effectively, reduce cost of care, and build a responsive supply chain.
Oracle executives will announce the enhancements to Oracle Health Data Intelligence, including a new generative AI service to help increase care management efficiency to enable a broad range of healthcare and government stakeholders to use data from across the healthcare ecosystem to help advance patient health, improve care delivery, and drive operational efficiency.


  • Eric Grafstein, Chief Medical Information Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health – Providence Health Care
  • Nino Bice, Senior Vice President, Health Data Intelligence, Oracle Health
  • Dr. Kristina Garrels, CMIO, Northern Health
  • Noelle Coombe, Interim Vice President, Information Management Group, Chief Information Officer & Privacy, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

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