e-Health 2024 Call for Moderators

e-Health 2024 Conference and Tradeshow is no longer accepting applications to moderate concurrent sessions in Vancouver May 27 and 28. Moderator participation is extremely important to the success of the conference. Thank you to all who applied.


Volunteers interested in moderating a session must be:

  • Pre-registered for the conference and tradeshow. Note: Moderators do not receive complimentary registration.
  • Comfortable speaking in front of a large audience
  • Available for the full hour of a chosen concurrent session

Key responsibilities

  • Make housekeeping announcements at the beginning and end of the session
  • Introduce speakers
  • Facilitate the Q&A period (time permitting)
  • Keep the session on track with scheduled start and end times

Onsite notes

  • Moderators will be provided with a script in advance of the conference
  • All e-Health presentations (Concurrent Abstracts, P3 Showcases and Symposia) take place in breakout rooms with a podium, microphone(s), slide advancer, PC laptop computer, and 70” LED Monitor to display the presentation
  • A microphone on a stand will be available to all audience delegates to participate in the LIVE Q&A.

Types of concurrent presentations

  • Panel & Discussion Duration: 30 minutes (includes 5-10 minutes Q&A) |  up to 3 presenters
  • Oral Duration: 15 minutes with optional Q&A | 1 or 2 presenters
  • Rapid Fire Duration: 7 minutes (3 slides only x 2 minutes per slide) 1. The healthcare challenge | 2. The existing barriers | 3. The solutions   |  1 presenter, with multiple presentations per session  |  Moderated, with Q&A after the last presentation of the session (time permitting)
  • e-Poster Duration: 5 minutes (1 slide only plus quick Q&A – time permitting)  |  Defined electronic visual format with all data on one slide  |  1 presenter

How do I volunteer to be a moderator?

If you are registered to attend e-Health 2024 Conference and Tradeshow and are interested in volunteering as a moderator, please:

  • Complete the application below by May 10, 2024.
  • Choose the session(s) (one-hour blocks) that you would be willing to moderate (view the Program HERE).
  • Notifications will be emailed by May 13, 2024.

Application form

The application form is now closed.

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