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Monday Opening Keynote (Sponsored by Oracle Health) - May 27 at 8:00 AM PDT

Healthcare Human Resources: What Physicians, Nurses, and Healthcare Providers Need to Make Their Jobs Easier and Manage Burnout, Technology, the Administrative Burden of Health, and the Impact on Human Resources – In this session, Dr. Kathleen Ross will share innovative strategies to manage workloads more effectively and discuss insights on addressing and mitigating burnout and its impact on overall healthcare delivery. The session will also explore utilizing innovative technology to streamline healthcare processes and enhance the efficiency of medical professionals proposing solutions to alleviate its impact on physicians, nurses, and human resources.

  • Emcee: Avis Favaro, Health Journalist
  • Speaker: Dr. Kathleen Ross, Canadian Medical Association, President, and family physician
  • Moderator: Deborah Cohen, Health Workforce Canada, Chief Operating Officer

Monday Plenary Session - Host Session - May 27 at 4:15 PM PDT

Presented by Canada Health Infoway, Canadian Institute for Health Information, and Digital Health Canada

Tuesday Plenary Session (Sponsored by Salesforce) - May 28 at 8:00 AM PDT

Artificial Intelligence in Health and Public Health Data: Balancing Possibilities and Accountabilities in a Secure Environment – This panel will examine the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare and explore the ethical and regulatory accountabilities in leveraging AI for public health data and the critical importance of security measures in safeguarding health-related information.

  • Emcee: Avis Favaro, Health Journalist
  • Speakers:
    • Sue Robins, Bird Comm, Author and Patient Engagement Consultant;
    • Dr. Khaled El Emam, University of Ottawa, Canada Research Chair in Medical AI and Professor, School of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa;
    • Dr. Kimberlyn McGrail, University of British Columbia + Health Data Research Network Canada, Professor + Scientific Director and CEO;
    • Dr. Devin Singh, The Hospital for Sick Chidren (SickKids), Emergency Physician & Clinical Lead for AI in Medicine
  • Moderator: Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia, eHealth Centre of Excellence, CEO

Tuesday Closing Keynote - May 28 at 3:45 PM PDT

A Parent’s Perspective on Advocacy in Healthcare for People with DisabilitiesClosing keynote speaker Tamara Taggart learned how to be an advocate out of necessity. When her son Beckett was born with Down syndrome, healthcare providers were negative and dismissive of his potential. When her son was three years old, Tamara received life-saving surgery and a rare cancer diagnosis and the response from physicians was positive and encouraging – a stark contrast to what she heard when her beautiful baby boy was born. Words, tone and basic kindness play a huge role in healthcare, especially when it comes to conquering the discrimination of disabled people in healthcare. Tamara will share her journey to healthcare advocacy and why we must all become advocates for positive change. Tamara Taggart is a mother of three, podcast host of TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart, and the volunteer President of Down Syndrome BC.

  • Emcee: Avis Favaro, Health Journalist
  • Speaker: Tamara Taggart, volunteer President, Down Syndrome BC, Mother, and podcast host of TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart
  • Moderator: Ian Lording, Canada Health Infoway, Vice President, Health Solutions & Operations

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