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This year, we kick off each day of the conference with a dynamic set of thematic e-poster presentations on virtual care and mental health. Both sessions feature five back-to-back digital presentations that highlight a project or case study that informs on key findings and lessons learned.

Optimizing the Virtual Care Experience

Wednesday, June 1, 2022
10:00 – 10:30 a.m. EDT

Moderator: Carina Andreatta, St. Joe’s Hamilton

EP1-1 Virtual care: A roadmap for implementation

This project will provide organizations with an implementation toolkit to support high quality, equitable access to virtual specialized care.

Eva Serhal, Senior Director, Virtual Mental Health & Outreach, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

EP1-2 Rural Outreach and Support by e-Health (ROSe)

An innovative, virtual critical care support and teaching platform, ROSe can virtually support community physicians and improve patient outcomes, while optimizing local resources and reducing costs.

Don Burke, SEVAS

EP1-3 Co-creating a pan-Canadian framework for digital health evaluation

A pan-Canadian framework for evaluating the impact of digital health on Quadruple Aims across provinces was developed collaboratively.

Janette Brual, Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions & Virtual Care

EP1-4 Virtual care: A design research discovery and strategic futures model

A double diamond strategic futures design study exploring the virtual care experiences of patients and primary care providers.

Melissa Frew, Healthcare Human Factors

EP1-5 Improving Indigenous peoples’ health using digital health technologies

Digital health technologies are bridging the gaps in Indigenous peoples’ access to healthcare, but little is known about their experiences.

Nadia Green, PhD Student, University of Alberta

Woman offers man counseling over a cellphone

Digital Supporting Mental Health

Thursday, June 2, 2022
10:00 – 10:30 a.m. EDT

Moderator: Chris Carvalho, Carveira Group

EP2-1 Spotlight on athletes' mental health: How technology can support

2021 put a spotlight on athletes’ mental health. Learn critical success factors for implementing support with technology.

Danielle Dube, Member, Vancouver Canucks Alumni and Health & Wellness Committee

EP2-2 Developing implementation outcomes for a virtual mental health capacity-building program

Proctor’s implementation outcomes were used to evaluate a mental health-focused, capacity-building program.

Cheryl Pereira, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

EP2-3 Data and technology driven mental healthcare: A nursing engagement strategy

A nursing engagement strategy used to facilitate data driven mental healthcare through and with technology.

Gillian Strudwick, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer & Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

EP2-4 Health and long-term care nurses’ technology adoption: A Delphi study

Increased workload, limited training sessions, technology skills to support data integration, and nurses’ work efficiency are key factors.

Hamidreza Kavandi, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa

EP2-5 The journey towards on-demand mental health service delivery

The implementation of Zoom Phone as a solution to optimize the service delivery of a mental health consultation service.

Mehreen Poonja, Clinical Leader, Office of Virtual Health, Provincial Health Services Authority