Step 1: Sponsorship Levels

Step 2: Sponsorship Add-on Opportunities

Price: $ 15,000.00
$ 0.00
The total of your chosen sponsorship opportunities should equal the value of your sponsorship level.
Diamond Sponsor may choose up to $50,000 in add-ons. Platinum sponsor: $40,000. Gold: $30,000. Silver: $20,000. Bronze: $13,000.

Step 3: Exhibit Space

If you have selected a sponsorship level, your exhibit space is included.
Diamond and Platinum level sponsorship includes one 10x20 exhibit space. Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorship includes one 10x10 exhibit space.

Step 4: Contact Information

By signing and submitting this agreement, I (on behalf of my organization) accept the terms and conditions set forth by e-Health Conference and Tradeshow. I certify that the information in this agreement is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge, and is made in good faith.

Step 5. Payment

$ 0.00
The sponsor agrees to pay the amount shown here. An invoice will be issued upon receipt of this signed agreement.
ETF: Institution ID: 003 - Transit: 00024 - Account: 1014786. Please include invoice number on ETF details.
CHEQUE: Payable to Digital Health Canada. Mail to: 1100-151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2W7.

Step 6. Terms and Conditions