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Wednesday, June 1, 2022 (Jump down to Thursday, June 2, 2022)
10:00–10:30 AM | e-Posters

Optimizing the virtual care experience | Moderator: Carina Andreatta, St. Joe’s Hamilton

  • EP1-1 Virtual care: A roadmap for implementation | Eva Serhal, CAMH
  • EP1-2 Rural Outreach and Support by e-Health (ROSe) | Don Burke, SEVAS
  • EP1-3 Co-creating a pan-Canadian framework for digital health evaluation | Janette Brua, WIHV
  • EP1-4 Virtual care: A design research discovery and strategic futures model | Melissa Frew, Healthcare Human Factors
  • EP1-5 Improving Indigenous peoples’ health using digital health technologies | Nadia Green, University of Alberta

10:30–11:30 AM | Opening Keynote

Dr. Rowland Illing: Innovation in healthcare — a global perspective

11:30 AM–12:00 PM | Virtual Tradeshow

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12:00–12:30 PM | Concurrent Sessions

Sessions #1–4

#1. Accessibility = Improved Care | Moderator: David Halliwell, Medavie

  • CC1RF1 The end of paper: Scalable digital transformation through innovative partnerships | Jonathan Poole, Iron Mountain
  • CC1RF2 Continuous quality improvement (CQI) post-rapid telehealth deployment during COVID-19 | Beatriz Andrade, CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île de Montréal
  • CC1RF3 Optimizing virtual visit workflows | Robert Biddlecombe, PHSA
  • CC1RF4 Resolving surgical backlog with Logibec’s analytics in British Columbia | Jijesh Devan, Logibec

#2. Patient and Provider Experiences | Moderator: Mena Bhavsar, Canada Health Infoway

  • CC201 Supporting young adults in navigating their cancer experiences | Christine Harris, Canadian Cancer Society
  • CC202 Provider experience facilitating ambulatory, hospital-based synchronized virtual group health interventions | Neesha Hussain-Shamsy, University of Toronto

#3. Panel on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • CC3P1 Practicing responsible AI: Risks, challenges and opportunities | Dr. Suman De, Infosys Public Services; Dr. Ritu Agarwal, University of Maryland; Diya Wynn, AWS     

#4. Innovating through COVID-19 | Moderator: Emily O’Sullivan, Accenture

  • CC401 ImmsBC: BC’S COVID-19 vaccine management digital solution | May Tuason, PHSA
  • CC402 An innovative paediatric emergency department (ED) triage system in the COVID-19 era | Dr. Cathie-Kim Le and Jane Park, Hospital for Sick Children

12:30–1:00 PM | Networking Lounge + Patient-Partner Meetup

Networking Discussion:

  • The future of care coordination: Workshopping challenges, common ground, and innovative solutions | Moderators: Mark Nazemi, Diane Tam, and Matthew Bromwich of Thrive Health — Hosted by Thrive Health

Patient Partner Discussion:

  • Lessons learned | Kent Cadogan Loftsgard, Patient Partner

1:00–1:30 PM | Concurrent Sessions

Sessions #5–8

#5. Challenges in Remote and First Nations Care | Moderator: Mary Deren, SHA

  • CC501 eHealth innovations in Indigenous health | Gurprit Randhawa, First Nations Health Authority  
  • CC502 Virtual emergency rooms (VERs): Addressing the physician shortage in rural Newfoundland communities | Cindy Clarke and Ashley Dinn, Newfoundland & Labrador Centre for Health Information

#6. AI Technology during COVID-19 | Moderator: Rachel Barker, PHSA

  • CC601 Use of virtual assistant for COVID-19 case and contact management | Lucinda Theodore, Ontario Ministry of Health; Elise Chien, Accenture     
  • CC602 How bots are supporting primary care with COVID-19 vaccine documentation | Justin Wolting, eHealth Centre of Excellence

#7. Panel on Mental Health | Moderator: Nelson Shen, CAMH

  • CC7P1 Digital experiences and priorities of people with mental health concerns | Nelson Shen and Dr. Damian Jankowicz, CAMH; Maureen Abbott, Mental Health Commission of Canada

#8. Digital Innovations in Care | Peter Varga, HealthHub

  • CC8RF1 Care anywhere: Coordinating interdisciplinary care virtually | Stephanie Williams, Techna    
  • CC8RF2 Development and testing of a paediatric digital seizure action plan | Chelsea Stunden, BCCH Digital Lab
  • CC8RF3 Strategies to safely expand paediatric patient portal use | Dr. Ellen Goldbloom, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • CC8RF4 Development of a chatbot for HIV patients using participatory design | Yuanchao Ma, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre

1:30–2:00 PM | Virtual Tradeshow

2:00–2:30 PM | Wellness Break

2:30–3:15 PM | P3 Showcases

Showcases #1–3

  • P3S1 Reimagining collaboration within the healthcare system | Ben Massingham and Rodrigo Teixeira — Hosted by Novartis Biome
  • P3S2 How SickKids’ nurses digitized their incident command centre | Andrea McCormick and Katherine Kung Cheung, SickKids; Shubha Ananda and Ali Sharifi, Microsoft — Hosted by Microsoft
  • P3S3 Nova Scotia Health: Purpose-driven analytics | Matthew Murphy, NS Health — Hosted by Tableau

3:15–4:00 PM | Sponsor Symposia

Symposia #1–3

  • SYMP1 Don’t let hackers steal your health information: Tips on how to improve digital resilience with cybersecurity | Christine Grimm, Jeff Buss and Dr. Laura Copeland — Hosted by Healthtech Consultants
  • SYMP2 Platform to productivity: ServiceNow’s enterprise strategy for healthcare | Vishakha Sant — Hosted by ServiceNow
  • SYMP3 Improving the patient journey with better use of the data found in existing systems | Elliot Desilets and Patrice Gilbert, Petal; Dr. Darren Larsen, WIHV — Hosted by Petal

4:00–5:00 PM | Host Session

Collaborating to accelerate a better experience | Moderator: Cassie Frazer, Canada Health Infoway

  • Angela Lianos, Digital Health Canada; Brent Diverty, Canadian Institute for Health Information; Abhi Kalra, Canada Health Infoway

Thursday, June 2, 2022 (Jump up to Wednesday, June 1, 2022)

10:00–10:30 AM | e-Posters

Digital supporting mental health | Moderator: Chris Carvalho, Carveira Group

  • EP2-1 Spotlight on athletes’ mental health: How technology can support | Danielle Dube, Vancouver Canucks
  • EP2-2 Developing implementation outcomes for a virtual mental health capacity-building program | Cheryl Pereira, CAMH
  • EP2-3 Data and technology driven mental healthcare: A nursing engagement strategy | Gillian Strudwick, CAMH
  • EP2-4 Health and long-term care nurses’ technology adoption: A Delphi study | Hamidreza Kavandi, University of Ottawa
  • EP2-5 The journey towards on-demand mental health service delivery | Mehreen Poonja, PHSA

10:30–11:15 AM | Plenary Session

Bold projects in digital health: Innovating across the system

  • Shiran Isaacksz, UHN Connected Care; Dr. Carolyn Steele Gray, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute; Dr. David Jaffray, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Heather Dyck, Saskatchewan Health Authority; Megan Hunt, First Nations Health Authority

11:15–11:45 AM | Concurrent Sessions

Sessions #9–12

#9. Virtual Community Care | Moderator: Naima Salemohamed, Accenture

  • CC9RF1 Virtual care: Appropriately supporting Indigenous patients in Alberta, Canada | Paige Campbell, University of Calgary
  • CC9RF2 Building a sustainable, community health model through virtual care | Dr. Brett Belchetz, Maple
  • CC9RF3 Virtual follow-ups in the paediatric emergency department | Dr. Daniel Rosenfield, Hospital for Sick Children
  • CC9RF4 Implementing an integrated virtual visit solution at Fraser Health | Brianne Bourdon, Fraser Health

#10. Innovations on the Physician Side

  • CC10O1 Implementing computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) technology at SickKids: The next phase | Dr. Karim Jessa, Hospital for Sick Children
  • CC10O2 Win-win partnership: Physicians and vendors benefit from certification expertise | Karen Stephens, Government of New Brunswick; Aidan Lee, OntarioMD

#11. Panel on Remote Patient Monitoring

  • CC11P1 Changing remote patient monitoring strategies in the midst of COVID-19 | Jeff Kingdon, TELUS Health; Lisa Saffarek, Island Health Authority; Dr. Vern Behl, Saskatoon; Pam Smith, BC Ministry of Health

#12. Security and Disaster Safety

  • CC12O1 Virtual care: Defence against the dark web | Ariane Siegel, OntarioMD
  • CC12O2 The Disaster Communication System (DCS) | Kim Jessen, Alberta Health Services; Dr. Brad Granberg

11:45 AM–12:15 PM | Virtual Tradeshow

12:15–1:00 PM | Sponsor Symposia

Symposia #4–6

  • SYMP4 Precision healthcare: Using AI to revolutionize breast cancer screening | Sue Koch, Calian; Bob Shepherd and Kristina Rinker, Syantra; Jeff Smith, Allphase Clinical; Kaytlin Sadler, Allo Health Services — Hosted by Calian
  • SYMP5 Virtual care is care: How Canada can seize a once in a decade opportunity to democratize access — at scale | Jason Gorevic and Joby McKenzie, Teladoc Health; André Picard, The Globe and Mail — Hosted by Teladoc Health
  • SYMP6 Secure, efficient, and scalable enterprise informatics solutions in a world affected by COVID | Palma Petrilli and Nathan Bluvol — Hosted by Philips Canada

1:00–1:30 PM | Networking Lounge + Patient-Partner Meetup

Networking Discussion:

  • Patient records — unite and protect! | Moderators: Jeff Lusby and Dan Schlake, Quest Diagnostics; Scott McMillan, Cercle Group — Hosted by Quest Diagnostics

Patient Partner Discussion:

  • Patient engagement | Anita David, Patient Partner

1:30–2:00 PM | Concurrent Sessions

Sessions #13–16

#13. Innovations in Consultation and Emergency Care Delivery | Moderator: Jocelyn Kohlmaier, Canada Health Infoway

  • CC13O2 Expediting care in emergency medicine with machine learning medical directives | Devin Singh, Hospital for Sick Children 
  • CC13O1 Virtual care in Nova Scotia: An eConsult proof of concept | Lindsay Bertrand and Dr. Ashley Miller, Nova Scotia Health / IWK Health Information

#14. COVID-19 Results in Innovations | Moderator: Mark Casselman, Digital Health Canada

  • CC14O1 Surgical Wait Information Management System (SWIMS): Electronic surgical smoothing and backlog management | Kelly Lane, University Health Network     
  • CC14O2 Building the apps that beat TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram | Alexander Dahl and Baptiste Laget, Akinox Excellence

#15. Panel on Synthetic Data

  • CC15P1 Enabling innovation through synthetic data: An Alberta case study | Reg Joseph, Health Cities Canada; Dean Eurich, University of Alberta; Brian Hamilton, B W Hamilton Consulting Inc.

#16. Optimizing the Patient Journey

  • CC16RF1 Minding the gap: Supporting the transition of care for heart failure patients | Meagan Mak, University of British Columbia  
  • CC16RF2 Smart and ubiquitous technologies to support patients with dementia and their caregivers at home | Edoye Porbeni, Leader, Virtual Health New Solutions, Fraser Health Authority
  • CC16RF3 Understanding chronic pain waitlist experiences to facilitate need-based eHealth platforms | Nina Gregoire, PhD Student, University of British Columbia
  • CC16RF4 Clinical digital messaging (CDM) | Trisha Manio, Clinical Leader, Virtual Health, Provincial Health Services Authority

2:00–2:30 PM | Virtual Tradeshow + Networking Sessions

2:30–2:45 PM | Wellness Break

2:45–3:30 PM | P3 Showcases

Showcases #4–6

  • P3S4 Implementing a successful COPD post-discharge virtual program | Michel Pacquet, Aetonix; Adam Hambly, Belleville & Quinte West Community Health Centre; Dave Jones, ProResp Inc. — Hosted by Aetonix
  • P3S5 From private to public: Lumeca’s virtual care journey | Cassandra Klassen, Accenture; Tom Douglass, Lumeca Health — Hosted by Lumeca
  • P3S6 What can Russia and China see within your healthcare organization? | Steve Habermehl, spiderSilk; Damon Palmer, Norima Consulting — Hosted by Norima Consulting

3:30–4:15 PM | Sponsor Symposia

Symposia #7–9

  • SYMP7 Deploying scalable, repeatable researcher workspaces with simplified chargeback: Health Data Nexus | Dr. Alistair Johnson, Hospital for Sick Children; Mohamed Nofal, Google Cloud Canada — Hosted by Google Cloud Canada
  • SYMP8 Risks and rewards of virtual services | Heather Pfeffer and Derek Dow, Beazley; Imran Ahmad, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP — Hosted by Beazley
  • SYMP9 Tele-health or tele-headache? The new logic of collaboration and care | Temmuz Arslan, Logitech — Hosted by Logitech

4:15–5:00 PM | Closing Keynote

Dr. Brad Nieder: Laughter is the best medicine