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Company name: e-Health Conference & Tradeshow
Short names: e-Health 2022, e-Health Conference
Website: e-healthconference.com
UTM link: https://bit.ly/3MgFM0O
Contact email: info@e-healthconference.com

Mission: To create opportunities for knowledge sharing that supports the progressive evolution of the Canadian healthcare system.

Tag line: Learn, connect, network

Short description: The e-Health Conference provides unique learning and networking opportunities for Canadian digital healthcare professionals who are trying to make a difference. Since its inception in 2000, e-Health remains a vital epicentre of Canadian digital health discussion and debate. It is the optimal spot for sharing ideas, expertise, successes, and challenges with peers — nationally and across the globe.


Coming soon.

Social media

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Twitter: @eHealthConf
LinkedIn (Company): @e-health-conference
Instagram: @ehealthconf
Facebook: @ehealthconference
YouTube: @E-healthconference


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