Media Partners

  • Written and edited by a team of experienced journalists, e-Health 2020 Media Partner Canadian Healthcare Technology is a source of information for decision-makers in hospitals, continuing care facilities and home care organizations. It breaks the news about important projects and technologies, and provides healthcare executives and senior managers with an excellent source of information for improving the delivery of healthcare, evaluating their own projects and comparing their IT performance with others. The magazine also offers analysis and opinion from healthcare authorities and technological pundits.

  • Official e-Health Media Partner Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada has been serving the Canadian Healthcare Community since 1987. We are proud to be the official journal of  Digital Health Canada, a relationship going back to 1987, to the COACH days. We are also the Official Journal of ITAC Health – the Health division of ITAC (the Information Technology Association of Canada). We are also proud supporters of Digital Health Week in Canada.

  • e-Health Media Partner The Hill Times, Canada’s politics and government news service, first rolled off the presses on Oct. 5, 1989, changing the coverage of Canadian federal politics and government forever. We’ve been on a roll ever since. Now publishing across multiple platforms, our readers can get their political fix from their favorite medium. Hill Times Research: Health is a daily health-policy news and research service for professionals whose work is focused on federal health issues.

  • e-Health Media Partner Hospital News is Canada’s healthcare news source, celebrating over 30 years. Hospital News covers best practices, emerging trends, and innovation in healthcare. With a different editorial focus each month, readers stay informed on the latest technology, equipment, and people that make a difference. Published monthly and updated online daily.

  • e-Health Media Partner Longwoods™ publishes healthcare research, reports, reviews, commentaries and news from and for academics, scientists, clinicians, policymakers, administrators and pundits.

  • e-Health Media Partner MyTechMag is a growing digital outlet of relevant and informative content covering every aspect of the world of online and data-driven marketing campaigns. We aim to provide knowledgeable articles that are easy to understand, giving an insight into the latest happenings of the technology industry. We collect and put forward information that is unbiased, precise, analytical, and presents a clear perspective for our readers to understand.