Innovating Across Boundaries: Co-Designing the Future of Healthcare

‘Innovating Across Boundaries: Co-Designing the Future of Healthcare’ is a focused, collaborative, hands-on learning experience. Participants in this full-day workshop will work in small teams, combining the expertise and experience of patients and delegates to learn how to apply a Design Thinking approach. Teams will identify challenging healthcare problems and develop creative solutions using Design Thinking tools and processes. The outcome? Practical results that meet a real human need. No coding ability or previous design thinking experience is necessary for this workshop, and delegates of all roles are welcome to attend. Bring your knowledge and experience, and a passion for solving the complex problems you have encountered! 

Key Features

  • Learn from and network with industry-leading experts, health enthusiasts, and patients/caregivers
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of design thinking and user-centered design
  • Collaborate with patients/caregivers and colleagues from different disciplines/organizations on solutions to complex healthcare problems

If you are a change agent or an innovation champion, or want to become one, join like-minded industry professionals to learn how Design Thinking can help. Experience creative collaboration in action: select Sunday Workshop at Registration to participate.

  • Sunday Workshop Patient Engagement Leader Sponsor Health Hub

  • Sunday Workshop Patient Engagement Leader Sponsor Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian owned and operated business that has connected patients to health informatics systems for more than 40 years. Medirex helps hospitals—and other healthcare providers—manage patient safety through effective patient identification, and cultivate patient connections with ease, security and no errors.

  • Sunday Workshop partner and enthusiastic facilitator Hacking Health is a worldwide grassroots movement composed of volunteers who choose to unite in the pursuit of a joint mission: breaking down barriers to innovation in healthcare. By facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations, Hacking Health helps generate creative solutions to real-world health challenges.