Design Jam – Sunday, May 31, 2020

See innovation in action at this engaging, interactive one-day event, where delegates and patients collaborate in the co-creation of human-centric digital solutions for common healthcare delivery challenges. Teams participating in this innovative workshop combine the expertise and experience of patients, delegates, and leads, allowing each to learn and apply design thinking – an approach to solving complex problems based on the concept that solutions should be created with and not just for users. Each user is an expert of their own experiences. Their knowledge, insight, and point of view should shape the development of products and services for which they are the ultimate benefactor. Select Sunday Workshop at Registration to participate.

  • Sunday Workshop Patient Engagement Leader Sponsor Health Hub

  • Sunday Workshop Patient Engagement Leader Sponsor Medirex Systems Inc. (Medirex) is a Canadian owned and operated business that has connected patients to health informatics systems for more than 40 years. Medirex helps hospitals—and other healthcare providers—manage patient safety through effective patient identification, and cultivate patient connections with ease, security and no errors.

  • Design Jam partner and enthusiastic facilitator Hacking Health is a worldwide grassroots movement composed of volunteers who choose to unite in the pursuit of a joint mission: breaking down barriers to innovation in healthcare. By facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations, Hacking Health helps generate creative solutions to real-world health challenges.