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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Two pears with speech bubble: We make a great pear

Who knew? Romance and e-Health go together like candy and flowers.

Wait, what? What possible connection can there be between a holiday that celebrates romance and a conference that celebrates digital health?

It’s actually kind of obvious when you think about it.

The people who come to e-Health are caring, passionate, and driven to improve health and healthcare for all Canadians. Gather 1,500 big-hearted people in one place for four days and something’s bound to happen!

When rumours surfaced about a couple actually meeting at an e-Health Hackathon event, we had to investigate.

Our contact Rachel sent a lovely response to our nosy email asking for details:

“My husband and I knew each other professionally prior to dating, but we really started connecting on a personal level during our experiences volunteering for Hacking Health and organizing the hackathon events at e-Health,” said Rachel. “We discovered that we shared a passion for transforming the healthcare system and solving problems through technology — and that we really enjoyed the time we spent together planning the events!”

Rachel shares that “being a part of these innovative events at e-Health over the years has been an amazing opportunity to not only discover common ground with my now-husband, but it has also provided a wonderful opportunity to connect and build relationships with many other like-minded people that I’ve met along the way.”

Well, it’s no wonder someone fell in love with her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!