Showcase Sessions

The Showcase Sessions features stories of innovation and collaboration in both the public and private sectors. Organizations will demonstrating their innovative solutions during e-Health 2019.

Monday, May 27, 2019 | 11:45 – 12:15

OntarioMD – POD 4 – SS01

Title: Supporting the New Ontario Health Teams: How Integrated Digital Tools Save Lives.

Description: With the introduction of the new Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) and a preference for digital first to enhance system efficiency and value, Ontario clinicians have a wider array of digital tools at their disposal to address priority health issues such as the opioid crisis and mental health issues and addictions. In collaboration with our partners, this showcase will demonstrate how OntarioMD’s products and services are supporting physicians, specialists, hospitals, specialty clinics and others to provide patient-centred, integrated care.

Speakers:  Dr. Darren Larsen, Chief Medical Officer and Elizabeth Keller, Vice-President, Product Strategy & Delivery

QHR Technologies – POD 5 – SS02

Title: HealthMail in action: Bringing ePrescribing, eReferral and patient messaging communications together.

Description:  We are taking great strides away from fax communication and bringing Providers digital communication options to connect with their Patients and other Providers. Whether a Provider needs to send a prescription, a lab result or a consult, the HealthMail platform is putting the Provider in the centre of digital communication.  We are building a platform that allows email like communication to empower healthcare providers across Canada.  Join us as we demonstrate how Providers are creating connections with the progress of HealthMail.

Speaker: Mike Checkley, President, QHR Technologies

PetalMD – POD 6 -SS03

Title: Digitizing Healthcare: How to Simplify Physician Scheduling and On-Call Management with Hospital Productivity Tools.

Description: Hospital managers and physicians are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the healthcare they provide. How can they achieve this goal without hiring additional staff or purchasing new medical equipment? One of the answers lies in modernizing and optimizing physician and on-call schedules. During this session, you will hear Dr. Julie Maranda, a physician and chief of staff at Hawkesbury General Hospital, who experienced the implementation, use and benefits of digital schedules. You will learn about the unique challenges physicians face when creating, managing and disseminating their on-call and consult schedules, and how technology can meet those challenges while optimizing hospital communication processes by providing an up-to-date view in really time of all on-call providers.

Speaker: Dr. Julie Maranda, a physician and chief of staff at Hawkesbury General Hospital

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 | 12:30 – 13:00


Oracle – POD 6 – SS04

Title: A White house challenge: Integrating data management, AI and CX solutions to support patient experience.

Description: In late 2018, Oracle was invited by the White House AI and Open Data initiative to participate in a demo sprint, building a solution that uses AI to simplify clinical trials matching. We were interested in addressing a real-world clinical challenge to demonstrate how Oracle’s flexible cloud solutions and AI can solve data challenges and enhance the patient experience.


CDW – POD 7 – SS05

Title: Healthcare at the edge, AI….and what next?

We’re realizing more and more the benefits of using IoT (Internet of Things) for delivering better care, more quickly and cost efficiently. Edge technology is helping – where technology meets the patient but it’s taking time to catch on and requires traditional IT functions to get closer to operations. This talk examines a couple of use cases and demonstrates a use of edge analytics available in our phones which is about to revolutionize hospital and remote care, as well as ethical implications of such AI for all of us.

Speaker: Phil Vokins, Intel Channel Director – Canada


Samsung – POD 9 – SS06

Title: Creating a future of healthcare that is seamless, continuous and coordinated – new partnership models between industry and the health sector.

Description: Samsung Canada, in partnership with Saint Elizabeth and Memotext, is committed to providing seamless, continuous and coordinated approaches designed to improve the quality and efficiency of care. With Samsung mobile technology, Saint Elizabeth and Memotext are transforming the at-home patient experience for patients, caregivers and healthcare workers. Today, you will hear how all parties work together collectively to create bold ideas for the future of healthcare and provide innovative service delivery models to meet the changing needs of healthcare. With the utilization of these digital tools, patient and stakeholder outcomes are easily achievable and improved.

Paul Edwards, Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Mobility, Samsung Canada
Mary Lou Ackerman, Vice President of Innovation, Saint Elizabeth
Amos Adler, Founder and President, Memotext


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 | 15:30 – 16:00

HP Canada – POD 6 – SS07

Title: Megatrends and the impact on the future of health-care

Description: Mega Trends and how they impact Healthcare, Rapid Urbanization, Changing Demographics, Hyper Globalization, Accelerated Innovation, Business Models that demonstrate mega trends, Mega trends impact on HP Products, Safer, Smarter, Secured for Healthcare

TABLEAU – Pod 7 – SS08

Title: Analytics, AI, & Automation with 3 People

Description: Without a visible sponsor, agile team, data warehouse, and framework analytics team’s will struggle. This talk will share lessons learned as we applied AI, Automation and Analytics to IT and AHS’ Connect Care Epic Implementation Program. Discussion on how Tableau can be used to measure risk, operational, project, finance, customer satisfaction, and staff satisfaction performance. This talk will explore how AHS is using Tableau to identify AI and Automation opportunities. Sharing tips on how to quickly create a team, data warehouse, and 200 dashboards using data from over 400 enterprise systems.

Speaker: Jess Tutt, IT Analytics COE team at Alberta Health Services