Information for Presenters

Oral, Panel and Rapid-Fire Presentation Submission


Optional Presentation Template

The presentation slide aspect ratio (size) is 16:9. Download the optional presentation template here.

Preparing Your Presentation Material

  • Your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint 2007 or any later PowerPoint Version (MS Windows) and provided on a CD-ROM or USB-removable drive.
  • Set the slide size of the page to “On-screen show” 16.9 and landscape orientation in the page set-up section. (Portrait orientation will not be displayed properly).
  • Use high-contrast lettering, and not too much text per page (max. 10 lines or 15-20 words). Make sure you use high-contrast colors for the best definition of your text. Please be aware that red letters or lines are usually not visible.
  • As a general rule, not more than one slide per minute should be presented. Visual material supports the speech and should not be the transcription of it.
  • Slides may include graphics and/or slide-show animation. If the presentation contains movies, they have to be coded by standard Windows codes. The PowerPoint Show and the Video attachment must be saved in the same folder and then the folder copied to the CD or USB-removable drive including ALL elements. Special fonts that are not part of the standard PowerPoint package should not be used; they will cause problems during file upload.
  • Slides that will be shown more than once during the presentation should be duplicated and inserted in the appropriate spots of the presentation to have the slides in the correct sequence.
  • It is recommended to keep a copy of the presentation on hand during the presentation, should a problem occur. Furthermore, the presentation should be printed on paper, for reference during the lecture.
  • To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (i.e. “, Ö, Ø, ñ, ?, ®, ý, }, { etc) to name the presentation or movie files.

Submitting Your Presentation Slides

All Oral (OS), Panel (PS) and Rapid Fire (RF) presentations must be brought to the Speaker Preview Room (Room 201 C) on the second level of Beanfield Centre at least 2 hours before presentation time.

e-Poster Presentation Submission

e-Poster presentation file submission instructions for abstracts accepted as e-Posters have been sent to presenting authors in early March 2019. If you are an e-Poster presenting author and have not received your instructions, please contact support at