Industry Symposia

Monday, May 27, 2019 | 14:30 – 15:30

IS01 – Combating Hallway Medicine with Predictive Analytics


Attend this session to learn how your organization can manage operational efficiency, identify and mitigate patient flow problems before they happen—days, weeks or even months in advance. Stabilize nurse-to-patient staff levels and lean on technology to help with adjustments as demand and mix change.

This session will provide real-life examples on how to:
-Streamline throughput
-Provide insights with predictive analytics
-Improve the patient experience

John Lee-Bartlett, General Manager- Canada, Allscripts
Brandon Wagner, Sr. Business Analyst, Logic Suite

IS02 – Tap/Click Less, Connect Easier, and Work More Efficiently with MEDITECH Expanse Mobile Solutions


Expanse, MEDITECH’s fully interoperable web-based EHR, is designed to match your lifestyle with convenient, mobile access to data — saving time, simplifying workflows, and allowing you to focus on your patients. Attendees will learn how our physician mobile app, as well as our Expanse Point of Care (POC) software, offers flexibility to the care providers’ workflow, increasing both provider and patient satisfaction.

IS03 – Making It Happen, Advancing Digital Healthcare Now


In collaboration with Canadian mobile security company IDENTOS, Niagara Health has kicked off a project that will act to operationalize Ontario’s First digital health ecosystem. It brings patients and digital health innovators secure access to previously private data in real-time. The presentation will conclude with a panel discussion featuring technical, legal, and policy experts in the field. Learn why digital identity has been challenging to date, where the opportunities lie and what’s being done about it to make it happen!

IS04 – Driving the Future of Digital Health


With digital health reshaping health care at virtually every turn, the AMA has made bridging the digital divide a top priority. The American Medical Association is attacking dysfunction in health care by removing obstacles and burdens that interfere with patient care.

Evidence-based, patient-centered, care team-focused and actively seeking common ground with others who are working to improve care delivery – when health care data is truly connected and coordinated, physicians and patients will have the information they need, where they need it to enhance outcomes and to improve the quality of care.

IS05 – Patient and Care Team Experience Management, Numbers and Stories


Join us to hear stories and use cases around patient and provider journeys and learn what technology is used to deliver these experiences. From better patient access and scheduling, to helping your care team members communicate seamlessly so they’re more accessible, to bringing family members to the bedside – these outcomes will be shared. We will highlight not only the improved patient experience, but also the return on investment that ultimately benefits the patient.. Please join us to find out more about how to deliver a connected healthcare experience through next-generation communications and learn why more than 5800 healthcare institutions around the world rely on Avaya.

Presenter: Kannan Sreedhar /Avaya Healthcare Practice Leader

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 | 11:15 – 12:15

IS06 – Beating the Odds: How to Get the Best Outcome from Your Epic Implementation


– Dave Wattling, Executive Advisor, Gevity

– Louis Capponi, VP and CMIO, SCL Health (Colorado)
– Sarah Muttitt, CIO and VP of IMT, Sick Kids (Toronto)
– Dennis Loftus, Senior VP and CIO, Riverside Health System (Virginia)
– Diane Salois-Swallow, Senior Advisor, Mackenzie Innovation Institute Mi2 (previously Chief Information Officer), Mackenzie Health (Toronto)

Although many organizations have reaped considerable benefits from their Epic implementations, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, and as with any major healthcare transformation, there have been many lessons learned along the way. Join two U.S. CIOs – Louis Capponi, VP and CMIO at Colorado-based SCL Health; and Dennis Loftus, Senior VP and CIO at Virginia-based Riverside Health System – Sarah Muttitt, CIO and VP of IMT, SickKids, Toronto; and Diane Salois-Swallow, Senior Advisor to Toronto’s Mackenzie Innovation Institute (and previously CIO of Mackenzie Health), for an engaging and informative discussion on the challenges and opportunities of implementing Epic. You will learn strategies to maximize clinical information system investments and how to apply some of the lessons others have learned along the way.

IS07 – Today’s Platform for Delivering Transformative Care


How do you ensure that you have complete visibility into the impact of EHR outages on critical hospital business services? How do you rapidly prioritize and respond to issues, so your patients receive the best possible care at the point of service? The power of our cloud-based platform is now being leveraged to create purpose-built solutions for healthcare that drive better patient outcomes. These include solutions that improve physician and nurse onboarding, automate service mapping for EMRs, and resolve security incidents and vulnerabilities fast.

Join ServiceNow’s Senior Director of Global Healthcare Strategy & Programs, Paul McRae, as he details approaches to optimizing your clinical and business solutions to improve support services, simplify work for your staff, and increase the quality of patient care.

IS08 – Being Greater than the Diagnosis


Michael O’Neil was diagnosed with non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 28. After four cycles of chemotherapy, he started GetWellNetwork to help hospitals improve performance and outcomes through patient engagement.

In his talk, Michael will detail what he has learned and experienced in 19 years of leadership at an industry leading health care technology company. He will celebrate the emerging trend to see patients as key participants in their care and where patient and family engagement is headed next.

– Welcome and Introductions – Peter Stavropoulos President & CEO, FlexITy
– Being Greater than the Diagnosis Main Presentation – Michael O’Neil Founder & CEO, GetWellNetwork

IS09 – Five Ways to Think about Enterprise Imaging Differently


– Stephen Harold: Senior Solution Manager – Enterprise Imaging – Change Healthcare

IS10 – How to Transform the Care Continuum to Achieve Better Patient Outcomes


Health needs are infinite, but resources are finite. Technology solutions that have promised to improve the patient experience, better manage population wellness, and lower the per capita cost of care have fallen short. To transform healthcare, we have to do more than digitize medical records. To make these “systems of record” truly useful, we need “systems of insight” that analyze data to help us predict and prevent health incidents, and determine effective treatments. Finally, we need “systems of engagement” that give us new ways to treat illness more quickly and more long-term. We need ways to customize care for each individual, and ways to reduce the burden on care teams so they can be more productive. We need to accelerate the development of new, safer and more effective therapies, paving the way towards personalized medicine.

Speaker: Peter Jones