e-Health 2018 Mobile App

Thank you to everyone who participated in the e-Health 2018 Mobile App Game. 

Congratulations to Jennifer Tongol and Naima Salemohamed, our randomly selected winners of the Google Home Prizes! 

The e-Health Conference 2018 mobile app is now available to download!

Here’s 5 Interactive Features of the Mobile App:

  • Tell everyone how the Conference is going. Use the leaderboard to provide comments on presentations, conversation or any other highlights (and pictures) you wish to share.  If you are one of the top 10 delegates on the Leaderboard, your name will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a prize! (See below for rules)
  • Meet the Speakers! See speaker biographies and upcoming sessions; bookmark sessions, and rate & review 
  • View the daily Conference Program and learn more about Abstract summaries. Make notes and add programs to your agenda.
  • Connect and interact with Attendees at the conference by sending messages and checking their activities
  • Plan your visit and locate specific sponsors and exhibitors through the Tradeshow Floor Plan. Tag the Exhibitors and Sponsors you meet in yoru status update to earn Achievement Badges and the chance to win a prize (see below for rules)

To Download the App:

  • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Search e-Health Conference 2018 or click here:
  • HTML 5/Blackberry users to access mobile app by clicking here:

  • Have you already registered for the conference? Simply enter the same email address used during registration. Password is ehealth2018.
  • If you have not agreed to share your personal details during registration, please follow the below steps.
  • Log in and complete your profile. Include a picture so others at the event can recognize you!
  • Check out the e-Health 2018 News Feed to browse the news and to connect with others. 

Download the e-Health 2018 Mobile App


We’re giving away two (2) Google Home Prizes! Here are two ways you can play to win:

1. Leaderboard: Play against your friends & colleagues to earn a spot on the Leaderboard! The top 10 delegates on the Leaderboard will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a Google home. See below on how you can earn points.

2. Achievement Badges: Earn Achievement Badges by visiting & tagging Exhibitors or Sponsors in your status updates for a chance to win! *You must earn the Manager Badge in order to qualify for the draw. Reach the Director Badge for 2 entries and earn the Executive Badge for 3 entries into the draw.

10 points – Rate & Review Sessions, Sponsors and Exhibitors
5 points – Post a status update with a photo on the Newsfeed
3 points – Comment on other app users’ activities posted on the Activity Feed
1 points – Post a status without a photo
1 points – Checking in with an Exhibitor or Sponsor
1 point – Like a post, photo or comment of other app users

Administrator Badge: Earned when you tag an Exhibitor/ Sponsors for the first time in your status update
Technician Badge: Visit & Tag 3 Exhibitors/ Sponsors in your status update
Supervisor Badge: Visit & Tag 5 Exhibitors/ Sponsors in your status update
Clinician Badge: Visit & Tag 10 Exhibitors/ Sponsors in your status update
Manager Badge: Visit & Tag 30 Exhibitors/ Sponsors in your status update
Director Badge: Visit & Tag 40 Exhibitors/ Sponsors in Status update
Executive Badge: Visit & Tag 50 Exhibitors/ Sponsors in your status update


Note: Winners will be announced on the e-Health website and social media after the e-Health Conference, so stay connected!
e-Health Conference reserves the right to disqualify any participants.