Empowering the Health Care Consumer

Brent Diverty is the Vice President, Programs for the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and an e-Health 2017 Ambassador. In his role at CIHI, Brent oversees CIHI’s extensive data holdings, which span the continuum of health care services and also contain related financial, pharmaceutical and workforce data.  Connect with him on Twitter @BDiverty   

Studies confirm what many health leaders have long suspected; that engaged patients have better health outcomes.  So it probably comes as no surprise that the use of consumer digital solutions across the country has doubled in the past two years.  And that begs a rhetorical question: Where would Canada’s digital health community be without the voice of the consumer?

Participants at the #eHealth2017 Sunday Symposium June 4  will have a chance to hear the consumer voice firsthand when patients join digital health experts to discuss consumer empowerment, the current state of digital health solutions, patient centred data and the vision for the future. If you’re looking for one more reason to attend #eHealth2017, you’ll find it here.

The Symposium will kick off with a lunch and presentation from keynote speaker Lygeia Ricciardi, an industry expert in consumer engagement and digital health.  She’ll explore consumer choice, patient engagement and value for money.

Value for money, along with the patient experience and health outcomes, are key health system performance themes CIHI has identified as priorities in its strategic plan. I’m excited to see these reflected in the #eHealth2017 Symposium program – and I’m certain they will make for a lively discussion. 

Following Lygeia’s presentation, participants will have an opportunity to explore one of three tracks as eHealth 2017 co-hosts Infoway, Coach and CIHI each take a deeper look at empowering the healthcare consumer through data, digital solutions and a vision for engagement. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate.   Register today and join in the discussion.

I look forward to seeing you at #eHealth2017!