#eHealth2017: It’s All About the People

Some of you may be thinking, “I have been to the e-Health Conference before, why should I go again?” By the end of this blog, I promise that you will be convinced to attend. If you are not, you can message me and I will work harder to convince you!

 e-Health Conference is the best time of the year, as it is the opportunity to be able to connect with Health Informatics Professionals not only from Canada, but also across the world. It’s that time to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and hear about hot new topics happening in the e-Health world. This year is especially important because we are also celebrating 150 years of Canada, which brings us to look into the Future of Digital Health and those who can benefit from these tools.

The people! That’s the important part. I am currently a Masters student where I work with primary care health care providers in urban and rural areas to help teach them how to manage their chronic pain patients. We use videoconferencing to help us to facilitate conversations between experts and health care providers. These people want to help those suffering from chronic pain and share their knowledge with other providers across Ontario.

This is what the e-Health Conference is about:

  • Learning how to collaborate between different professionals. So whether you are in academia, a clinician, or a technical expert, this is a great opportunity to connect and work together.
  • Gaining knowledge regarding technology that can be used to provide education to healthcare providers so that we can reach out to more communities who may not have access to this education through telemonitoring, tele-Health and mobile health apps.

My research is just one example of how e-Health is working, but I cannot tell you about the other great examples out there. If you want to find out more, you have to come to e-Health to hear about great implementations, apps and projects that are changing the way we engage with our healthcare system. Do not worry, I did not forget the best part of e-Health: the networking and random meet-ups. Everywhere you go you will meet like-minded people, particularly on the tradeshow floor. Plus, you can win some fantastic prizes!

My challenge to you for the e-Health conference is to meet and connect with 25 new people. Finally, remember that if you are a student, you can take advantage of opportunities such as discounts or volunteer at the conference.

Please do visit me this year at the COACH Booth and follow the conference on Twitter at @eHealthconf & #eHealth2017. Need more convincing or have a comment? Contact me: Naima Salemohamed at