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My story is quite simple I would say. I spent the past 9 years building and scaling healthcare companies. My passion for healthcare was deep routed from being a child and aspiring to be a doctor. From there I put tireless hours into helping patients truly access healthcare. It was late 2015 when the light bulb for Quick’rCare truly shined. A neighbor of mine spent hours looking for an immediate care facility because he was really ill. After his experience he ranted on about how bad his wait time was and the overall experience of just finding a close facility that met his needs. After the full experience he realized he did not need to drive 25 miles and wait four hours, and that he could have traveled half the distance and most likely waited half the time. 

After hearing all this, I really started to think, and I realized I have heard this story countless times. Given my background, I helped bring a new product to market that helped patients find primary care doctors. That product reduced the average four week wait time to 24-48 hours. So, I went to the drawing board and noticed globally, immediate care is virtually the same; however, awareness and wait times are pretty horrible. From there, Quick’rCare was born, not to just operate as a company but, one with a real mission. One thing that caught my eye during all my research was that when patients really needed immediate care, that they did not always have the financial means to get it. So as we started building the platform, we made the bold decision to select a patient-in-need every month and pay for some of their medical care. We believe this will not only be the beginning of a great business, but we will be able to do a lot of good. 

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