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It took nearly a year for us to pull the trigger. The start-up trigger, that is.

Our team had devoted the majority of our professional careers to different facets of Canadian healthcare and we could no longer ignore the elephant in the room. We’d all owned smartphones for nearly a decade and observed its heavy use in our respective professional environments. It was obvious that smartphone use in the workplace was only going to get bigger.

The plastic surgeons in our team were regularly documenting clinical conditions using the camera on their smartphones and using chat functions to collaborate. The captured images included everything from marginally person-identifiable clinical photos such as close-up shots of moles and rashes, but there were just as many highly sensitive images including that of surgical reconstructions with many photographs clearly showing the patient’s face or unique and identifiable scars and tattoos. The health lawyers in our team on the other hand were having to represent healthcare professionals and institutions, with greater frequency, who had been caught up in health information breach cases associated with using unsecure smartphone chat and photo apps.

Our healthcare Canadian healthcare professional communication smartphone app, ShareSmart, was developed in close collaboration with healthcare stakeholders. We appreciate that our success is in large part to our ongoing involvement of not only the primary users of our product, but also of healthcare consumers, policy makers, researchers and tech innovators. That’s why @ShareSmartApp is participating in #eHealth2016 – to engage in meaningful dialogue and to hear from the experts in the field, in order to inform our ongoing evolution to better meet the needs of Canadian healthcare. We are grateful to @eHealthConf for nominating us to be a part of the first iteration of Innovation Alley and look forward to meeting everyone! If we don’t get a chance to personally meet, please drop us a line at (Rena Tabata), or ping us on FaceBook (ShareSmart) or Twitter (@ShareSmartApp).