Innovation Alley: Vistacan

In starting Vistacan ( ) there was a goal to increase the level of interoperability within the healthcare industry. At Vistacan we believe that patients should be able access their Electronic Medical Records (EMR), but we also believe that doctors should have an easier time transferring health records through medical offices. Vistacan utilizes the open source technology VistA in order to achieve its successful teleplan billing, telemedicine, and EMR mobile web services. In creating the application and website MouseCall.MD , we have developed a way for all BC residents to visit a registered physician conveniently from their own home. Not only does Mousecall.MD increase the availability of healthcare for patients in underpopulated areas, but also cuts down on patient wait times and reduces cancellations for doctors.

Attending the eHealth conference in Toronto last year gave our company experiences that we otherwise wouldn’t have had, and allowed us to continue trying to grow our business. The networking events provided us with great opportunities to connect with other health professionals, as well as gave us access to leading decision makers within Canada’s health care industries. Meeting other businesses and our peers within the health software industry allowed for friendly relationships to be formed, which in turn created a wealth of information sharing. Furthermore the conference provided excellent discussion through educational seminars and events; and without a doubt it’s always extremely interesting to see the innovative products on display which are shaping the future of Canadian healthcare.

Vistacan will be attending this year’s eHealth event in Vancouver and is looking forward to experiencing all of the things which made it such a great event last year. You can find us at the event in Innovation Alley.