The Case for Optimism – Reimagining Health care delivery in Canada

Brent Diverty is the Vice President, Programs for the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and an eHealth 2016 Ambassador. In his role at CIHI, Brent oversees CIHI’s extensive data holdings, which span the continuum of health care services and also contain related financial, pharmaceutical and workforce data.  Connect with him on Twitter @BDiverty

As we count down the days to e-Health, I’m reminded of the diverse and focused teams who have been working diligently to bring about this conference.  As a co-host along with COACH and Infoway, we are proud of the work that’s gone into this unique and dynamic conference and excited to see everything come together in what promises to be an amazing opportunity to connect so we can truly reimagine healthcare delivery in Canada.  

What makes e-Health unique is the wide breadth of expertise it is able to draw on, from industry, to policy makers, to clinicians, to patients, researchers, vendors and the HI community. Together, they are able to raise relevant and timely topics that generate new questions and innovative thinking. I have been an active participant in e-Health for several years, and each year I leave the conference with new insights and energy.

This year is no exception, from the Hacking e-Health competition, to eRants to the individually tailored breakfast symposiums and the more than 250 presentations and sessions, #eHealth2016 promises to deliver something for everyone.

I’ll be moderating the plenary session on the afternoon of June 6, Reimagining Healthcare in Canada: The Case for Optimism. In preparation for the session, the panelists (Peter Vaughan, Neil Fraser and Catherine Claiter-Larsen) and myself discussed the importance of making connections to the opening keynote earlier that day, Reimagining Healthcare in Canada: Connecting Innovators.  We were all in agreement that the value is in the different perspectives we bring to the table, the ideas—and questions—we raise and the discussions these ideas generate. We hope they get you thinking and talking about innovative e-Health solutions and their potential for reimagining healthcare long after this year’s conference is over.

See you all at #eHealth2016