Join #eHealth2016 Tweet Chat on Information Sharing and Innovation in Canadian Health Care

By Shelagh Maloney @12Maloney

Whether you’re attending #eHealth2016 or not (and if you’re not, you should be), one thing is true – health care is evolving at a breakneck speed, thanks in part to digital health. As I said in my rant video, “If you think you know everything, well you don’t. What you think you knew yesterday has changed today.”

The rapid evolution of health care, raises the question — how do we ensure information and ideas are being shared to encourage innovation? This is the question we hope to delve into in our upcoming tweet chat.

Join us on Tuesday, May 24 at 2:00 p.m. ET to discuss information sharing and innovation within the health care system in Canada. The chat will be moderated by @GlennLanteigne. Please follow the #eHealth2016 hashtag and add it to your tweets as we discuss the following questions:

  1. What do we as an industry need to do in order to keep up with emerging trends and technologies? / How do you keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in digital health?
  2. How can we maintain a conversation to ensure the sharing of information/ideas/questions about digital health?
  3. How can we foster innovation in digital health in Canada?

These are only some of the items that will be part of e-Health 2016 in Vancouver from June 5 – 8. Join us for the chat – better yet, join us at the conference!

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