Hacking Health Design Challenge: The Road to Innovation

We’re four weeks in to the Design Challenge, and some fantastic projects are starting to take form. We started off with an exciting kick-off day at the Centre for Digital Media on Saturday, April 2nd. Participants listened to an inspiring keynote speech by Zayna Khayat, Senior Advisor of Health System Innovation and MaRS and Director of MaRS EXCITE, on the future of healthcare, as well as words of wisdom from Don Newsham (who also did a great blog about the kick-off event – check it out here.) Then after a healthy lunch, it was time for the main event – the pitches!


Participants line up to pitch their ideas (Photo credit: Alison Boulier)

A wide range of ideas were pitched with a total of 16 teams emerging from the fray. What are some of the project ideas that will be showcased by the teams at e-Health? It’s definitely worth having a look at Sparkboard to see them all, but a small sampling of the projects includes:

  • Building a better platform for Inter-professional team collaboration
  • Empowering patients for faster recovery from injuries
  • Personalized home care
  • Improving the effectiveness of medication counselling using visual aids
  • Harnessing technology and pharmacist expertise to better serve, educate, and treat patients
  • Using the Internet of Things to decrease the rate of hospital-acquired infections

Once the teams were formed, they immediately harnessed their creative energy to engage in some brainstorming for the rest of the day.


Teams start the brainstorming process to refine their ideas

And they’ve been full speed ahead ever since!

HH Team

The CareCrew team hard at work. (Photo from their Twitter. Follow them for more candid shots, like their team photos from the BC Walk for Alzheimer’s last weekend, and to track their journey through the competition!)

Over the next four weeks, teams will continue to refine their ideas, gather requirements, and design and build their prototypes. They’ll work together on their own time, reconnect with the rest of the Design Challenge participants and hear insightful speakers at the Design Challenge café events, and push hard to get their projects ready for presentation at the e-Health Conference. Follow @HHVancouver and @eHealthConf on Twitter for updates – and get ready to see some amazing projects presented at the e-Health conference in June!


Photo credit: Alison Boulier

Destination: e-Health Conference 2016!