Get To Know Your Keynotes!

Author: Shelagh Maloney, Vice President, Consumer Health, Communications and Evaluation Services, Canada Health Infoway

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We are all inherently curious.  In fact, curiousity is associated with all aspects of human development as it essentially drives our desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.  From infancy to adulthood, we are constantly asking why, how, what if.  We are curious about how things work, why things happen the way they do and, we are especially curious about each other.  What makes people tick? 

A friend and mentor once told me that understanding yourself – your strengths, weaknesses and motivators and understanding how you are perceived by others, is critical to functioning successfully whether it be as part of a work team, as a friend, or as a family member.   

Our curiousity about ourselves and about one another probably explains why we are inevitably drawn to taking surveys and doing personality tests (or is that just me?). As far back as the 19th century, it was popular among English families to respond to a list of questions that revealed their tastes and aspirations.   This practice was the genesis of the Proust Questionnaire, named after Marcel Proust, who was inaccurately attributed as the inventor of one such list of questions. 

In order to satisfy our curiousity and to provide some insight into their psyches, we asked our e-Health 2016 plenary speakers to take the Proust Questionnaire. If it’s good enough for Vanity Fair and CBC radio’s The Next Chapter it’s good enough for e-Health 2016. 

The responses we got were insightful indeed!  For example, Zayna Khayat, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor at MaRS Discovery, who is participating on the opening session panel on June 6th, was absolutely accurate when she described her chief characteristic as infectious enthusiasm.  Dr. Louis Francescutti, a self-described visionary storyteller and our closing keynote, reveals a lot about himself by sharing his favourite motto: Life is too serious to be taken seriously.  And what can one say about Dr. Peter Vaughan, Deputy Minister of Health in Nova Scotia and a panel presenter on Monday afternoon who describes his favourite colour as the shimmering event horizon of a black hole?    Now I’m really curious about what he’s going to say! 

How would you describe your chief characteristic? What is your idea of happiness? What do you appreciate most in your friends? Who is the person you’d most like to have dinner with?  Curious about how the speakers answered these questions? Want to know how your answers compare? Click here to find out more.