Reimagining Health Care Delivery in Canada at e-Health 2016

Brent Diverty is the Vice President, Programs for the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and an eHealth 2016 Ambassador. In his role at CIHI, Brent oversees CIHI’s extensive data holdings, which span the continuum of health care services and also contain related financial, pharmaceutical and workforce data.  Connect with him on Twitter @BDiverty

Reimagining health care delivery in Canada, the theme of #eHealth2016, is an admirable and necessary goal. And I’m excited to be part of that conversation.

When CIHI reimagines health care, it is a system where the evidence base is at hand for everyone—patients, caregivers and their families, clinicians, program and system managers, public health officials, policymakers, funders and researchers—so that better outcomes and experiences for patients, along with more efficient and cost-effective care, can be more easily realized.

To advance to this goal, we are reimagining our role, reflecting on who we are and our unique contributions to Canada’s health sector. We continue to believe that better data contributes to better decisions, ultimately improving the health of Canadians.  In fact, Better Data, Better Decisions, Healthier Canadians continues to be our vision statement.

CIHI provides and publicly reports on health data and information that support improved outcomes in health system performance and population health across the country. That responsibility isn’t changing.

What is changing in our new strategic plan is how we will approach our mandate.  We are putting a greater emphasis on making the data ‘supply chain’ more efficient, incorporating innovations in health analytics into our products and information, and enhancing our technology infrastructure. 

We are also transforming our digital presence to make sure our data and information are more accessible, and easier to use, interpret and share. This will allow us to more easily adapt to our stakeholders’ specific needs through customized digital products and services that are pertinent and relevant.

In addition, we aim to fill some known health data gaps, particularly in the primary health care and community health sectors, and by exploring Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).

As a longstanding co-host of #eHealth2016, our interest in this conference and the health informatics industry has never been greater.  We are keenly aware that our work relies increasingly on the data that occurs naturally as part of the delivery of health care, whether through electronic health records, structured assessments that support care, or other e-health solutions. That exact same data can—and is—being re-used by CIHI and other organizations across the country for program and health system planning, policy making, population health surveillance, program evaluation and research. 

You can read more about our new Strategic Plan, 2016 to 2021, which is based on extensive consultations with stakeholders across the country. And you can find out more about the speakers, activities, and other conference highlights on the e-Health2016 website.

See you at #eHealth2016! There are less than 5 weeks to go!