IBM: The Exhibitor Experience – One Step Closer to Smarter Healthcare

Anne_HayAnne Hay
Healthcare Marketing Manager
IBM Canada

At IBM, we believe a smarter healthcare system isn’t a far-fetched dream—it’s a very attainable reality. The tools that will allow our hospitals and clinicians to work together seamlessly and efficiently exist today. With a little collaboration, we can put them into practice.

IBM’s goal is to help the healthcare industry and its stakeholders take this important leap forward by providing the solutions, leadership and assistance necessary to achieve integrated, patient-centric care. Becoming a Diamond sponsor at e-Health 2014 was one step along that journey.

We chose e-Health because, with almost 1,600 attendees, we knew it was a platform that would allow us to connect with both prospects and existing clients. It also afforded us an opportunity to share our vision of a smarter healthcare system, as well as explain our plan to get there, with the largest audience possible.

We achieved our objectives through a number of different vehicles, one being our open-concept, interactive booth. Our theme at the 2014 conference was Healthcare on a Smarter Planet: Impact at the point of care. Outcomes matter. It was designed to complement our previously-published whitepaper, IBM Smarter Care: Impact at the point of care. Enabling holistic, individualized care to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

The booth featured a number of IBM’s Smarter Care solutions and experts who were available to discuss a variety of topics with visitors, including: Watson for Healthcare, mobility (remote wireless tracking), big data and analytics, and advanced care management. The booth drew a significant amount of traffic, which translated into a combined 172 new Twitter/LinkedIn prospects for our solutions experts.

We were also exceptionally pleased with the turnout of our two sponsored symposia. Our Monday symposium, which sold out for the third year in a row, was titled “Global Perspectives: Clinical Transformation through Advanced Analytics Improves Patient Care.” Presented by Dr. Michael Weiner, this symposium drew 195 attendees, approximately 42% of conference traffic for that timeslot. IBM’s first-ever breakfast symposium,“The Power of IBM Watson Continues to Transform Healthcare,” hosted by Paul Sulkers, was also very popular—drawing 65% of conference traffic.

In total, we booked more than 100 client meetings and grew our Healthcare Twitter followers by 8% over three days. eHealth 2014 definitely helped us get the word out about the benefits of instrumented, interconnected and intelligent healthcare. Now on to e-Health 2015 in June!

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For more information about Exhibitor opportunities at e-Health 2015, please see the e-Health 2015 Sponsorship Prospectus (PDF) or contact Michael Davis, phone: 1-604-661-4962,