Heard it at e-Health

What our delegates are saying about the sessions:

”I felt the presentations , comparatively over the years, are getting more concrete and more sophisticated in content. Less “shouda, couda, wouda” and more we did this and had the following results…”

“Nice variety of speakers on various topics.”

“Excellent sessions, with all “blocks” of sessions/themes well connected together.”

What our delegates are saying about the captivating plenary session, presented by Dr. Ward Flemons, Bridging the Gaps in Continuity of Care: an e-Health imperative.

heard2_b“Good to have a topic with a patient perspective, reminding us why e-Health is so important!”

“It was very eye-opening, heartbreaking and compelled me do a bit of professional soul searching.”

What our delegates are saying about the Exhibit Hall:

heard1_b“The First Nations multi exhibit was fantastic (as were all the related sessions)”

“All the exhibitors have excellent set ups, and some are memorable not because of the exhibit per say but because of their content that is new to me.”

What our Vendors are saying:

“The Innovation Showcase this year was the most collaborative and coordinated yet. The Showcase scenarios were patient-centric focusing on the entire care journey from crisis to transition to wellness. With the change in the showcase format, vendors were able to work together expeditiously. We were able to showcase the power of existing vendor partnerships with customers and prospectives. The Jurisdictional Success stories allowed us to showcase outcomes of an exciting partnership between Strata Health, RelayHealth and Nova Scotia. The Innovation Showcase enabled us to gain broader visibility at the conference and to understand the offerings of other vendors.”

Daniela Lockhard
Strata Health
Vendor sponsor & participate in both the patient & success stories

What our Volunteers are saying:

“The volunteer experience at e-Health is invaluable, as attending seminar sessions and symposiums provides insight into current trends and lessons learned by the professionals currently in the field.”

Kathleen Batchelor
University of Victoria Health Informatics Student

What our Industry Partners are saying about the e-Health 2014 Conference:

“I’m so glad I attended CTF Forum! Joe Cafazzo, Lead for the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation at the UHN, opened our eyes to the way that patient engagement and self-care is driving new trends in mHealth and Telehealth. We also learned about how balanced scorecards are being used in leading telehealth organizations to measure their impact. I’m excited that COACH will be offering our telehealth community a space to share our best practices in telehealth program evaluation so we can learn from each other. Thanks COACH, for putting on this great pre-conference event at e-Health 2014!”

Nancy Gabor, MSc., PMP, CPHIMS-CA
Sr. Strategic Planning Analyst, Teleheath

“We had great feedback from the more than 200 participants to the Hacking Health events. Healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, found a plethora of talent and resources at the event to build their dream, and connect with industry leaders that could make a difference for them. Hacking all day on the tradeshow floor, developers and designers loved to have access to the exhibitors to stimulate their thinking. It was great to host delegates wandering to the hacking area. We could clearly see in their eye the bewilderment of seeing real app development going live under their eyes! And the mentors, these high caliber leaders and experts in their field, had a great time spending hours sharing their knowledge and perspective with the teams on the floor. What an impressive venue and environment to host a Hacking Health event! Thank you for this amazing opportunity, right in line with our aspiration to break down the barriers to innovation in healthcare and foster more collaboration.”

Luc Sirois
Co-founder and Global Lead
Hacking Health

“Holding the CHIA Awards Gala as part of the COACH e-Health Conference was a wonderful way to get our award winners and nominees the recognition they so richly deserve. As the Chair of ITAC Health, I was extremely proud to look out at the large crowd and reward our industry leaders.”

David Mosher
Chair, ITAC Health

“I loved the inspiration and energy that Hackathon 2014 brought to our national e-Health Conference!”

Mark Nenadovic
Group Director, Emerging Technology Group & Advisory Services
Canada Health Infoway

“In all of my years attending the e-Health Conference, I felt that this year for the first time we successfully engaged the broad constituency of health informatics from an age range point of view as well as from a community of interest point of view. This was supported even further by the inclusion of the CHIA Gala into the program and the hacking health awards presentation held earlier in the day.”

Mike Barron
COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association

“Whether you loved or hated the topics, the rant format provides a dynamic and engaging format from which the boundaries of eHealth innovation can be explored.”?

Leon Salvail
President & CEO
Global Village Consulting Inc.

“I had the privilege of moderating two Rant sessions at this year’s e-Health. The Rants were a new part of the program and are not typical concurrent sessions—instead, eight speakers were invited to give short presentations on a topic or issue that gets them riled up! The speakers stepped up and delivered passionate talks, with thought-provoking commentary. They were like verbal editorials, if you can imagine that! I had a lot of fun moderating these Rants—and judging by the lively discussions and enthusiastic responses they elicited, the crowd also loved the format and the range of topics discussed.”

Mélanie Josée Davidson
Program Consultant
Canadian Institute for Health Information

“What impressed me most about the conference was the number of sessions pertaining to EMRs and the work being done to improve primary and community care. There also seemed to be quite a number more primary care clinicians in attendance which was also great to see.”

Brent McGaw
Project Director, Ontario

“e-Health 2014 proved an excellent opportunity to reconnect with like-minded individuals from across the country while meeting new people committed to transforming healthcare. Hosting the CHIA Gala during the conference was an inspired idea, allowing emerging professionals in e-Health to experience the industry celebrating our achievements.”

Paul Haycraft
Managing Director, Health Industries
PwC Canada

“I’m so glad we were able to fit in with the CCF and especially proud to have a moment of time during the grand e-Health 2014 Conference to share a Panorama end-user’s success in walking through our First Nations Panorama Implementation Project. Having a nurse from a First Nation Health Service Organization share directly with other clinicians was an opportunity to have her efforts recognized and celebrated”

Steven Raphael
eHealth Development Coordinator, eHealth Team

“The Showcase jurisdictional success stories highlighted the ongoing public – private partnerships that deliver solutions in HI each and every day.” Leon Salvail Global Village Consulting “I heard a number of great comments from participants in this year’s Showcase – They really enjoyed this year’s set-up with the design and improved acoustics; appreciated how the vendors were working together in supporting innovative care solutions for improving patient care; and found the special group tours with others from the same organization really valuable as they could delve deeper into the patient story and better appreciate how the solutions being presented could be adapted to their local eHealth context.”

Alison Delle
Showcase Director

“This 2014 e-Health showcase included several key innovations. Among these, perhaps the most important one was to shift the jurisdictional success story presentations into small theatre spaces that were fully integrated into the main showcase booth. The success stories are a great way for jurisdictions and vendors to collaboratively tell their stories. Together with the scenario-based innovation stories, this allowed the showcase to continue to play its part as a focal point of the exhibit hall. One conference attendee remarked to me how much they appreciated the amount of ‘content’ value this brought to their exhibition hall visit.”

Marc Koehn
Showcase Planning Committee Chair

“The e-Health Innovation Showcase this year was really interesting and we got good feedback from both participants and attendees. Showcase has always been a prominent part of the conference and each year we try to do something different and better than last year. One of the participating vendors (who attended the showcase for the first time) said something which I think was a good representation of what we try to do at the showcase. He said it is very Canadian in spirit with multiple vendors (some even competitors) coming together and working collaboratively to show how innovative technical solutions are improving the delivery of health care.”

Arun Agarwal
Sr. eHealth Research Analyst
Mohawk College, & Showcase Technical Manager

”I look forward to continuing the discussion at e-Health 2015 in Toronto from May 31 – June 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.”

John G. Abbott
The Institute for the Advancement of Public Policy, Inc.
e-Health 2014 Conference Chair

Well said John! We certainly look forward to next year. See you in Toronto!